Save Your Mac From Unwanted Problems- Use Tips To Clutter-free Mac

First of all, congratulations that you own one of the world’s most trusted and reputed systems – Mac. Now keeping this device healthy solely becomes your responsibility. Make sure that you don’t store too much information that leads to bogging down your device. 

Mostly, we handle our Mac with care, but when it comes to saving files and storing images, we hardly think twice, which leads to the occurrence of some unwanted troubles. So to protect your device from such issues, it’s better to follow the below-mentioned tips and enhance your system’s life. 

Clear your desktop 

As a desktop is one of the most convenient locations to store shortcuts and files, thus it becomes messy in no time. To declutter the system, know which program you are not using currently and remove them from your desktop. Prepare separate files and keep them in a single folder with the current date. This activity you need to perform on a weekly basis and create a weekly folder so that it becomes easy for you to segregate and find the data. 

Delete the duplicated from Dropbox

There are times when your dropbox is overloaded, and you need to make a choice between deleting your holiday pictures or documents that you have been saving for years. Now to this situation, there is one very profitable option, and that is dropbox deduplication, which means deleting the duplicate files from dropbox. How will you do that? Well, follow the steps and find as well as remove the duplicates from dropbox. 

  • First, you need to download and then, for Mac, set up the Dropbox app.
  • Click Dropbox in the left sidebar after opening a new Finder window.
  • Now click the button “List View.”
  • Then, to group your files by type, click the tab Kind. 
  • To view them in Quicklook, choose files and press the spacebar on your keyboard.

Once you know which files you wish to delete, then in your Dock, just drag them to the Trash Can. This will eradicate them from Dropbox as well.

Diminish trash and download

The two most convoluted locations are trash and download storage in your Mac. It is advisable to delete the unnecessary files and empty the folders together whenever you get the time. This will improve your Mac’s speed, and you will have storage space to store essential data. 

Delete old bookmarks 

Have you ever thought that bookmarks can give problems to your Mac? They do, so it’s better to remove the unwanted and old bookmarks that are of no use for you. You can visit the Bookmarks menu in Safari, then select edit Bookmarks. Right-click the links that you don’t need and eradicate them. If there are many bookmarks that are important to you, that can get managed by creating a folder. 

Final Words

Buying a Mac or any other device is easy, but maintaining it is a task. We usually ignore the most common factors and let the device suffer later on. So, without wasting any more time. It’s better to follow the tips given above and enjoy the clutter-free Mac. 

Vinay Kumar
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