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Romantic things to do in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state of America that is part of the New England region. Small, but with access to the Atlantic, Rhode Island is attractive for summer holidays on the beaches. The state, especially the capital Providence, is rich in cultural events, interesting festivals, wide holidays – you will not get bored! However, those who are looking for romantic dates in Rhode Island will not get bored in Rhode Island: a large number of interesting Rhode Island monuments of varying difficulty pass through the state.

International travellers visiting the USA

International travellers need ESTA to visit the USA. How does the online USA ESTA application process work? The ESTA application procedure for the United States is carried out directly online and without any need to go to administrative offices, as is often the case for visa applications. It is not even necessary to provide supporting documents, you just need to have your passport available when accessing the ESTA application.

On the website, you can access an online esta application form entirely written in your language, which considerably simplifies the understanding of the questions that are asked.

As for filling out the form, this is relatively simple and quick and takes no more than a few minutes. The first part concerns the identity and personal situation of the applicant. In particular, you are asked to enter your name and surname, date of birth, address as well as your professional and marital situation. It is also necessary to enter a valid e-mail address (it is to this address that the answer to the question will be sent) and the number of the biometric or electronic passport (whose validity must cover the entire duration of the trip).

The second part of the form consists of a series of questions about any previous trips, your health, and your legal situation. The answers to these questions serve to assess the general profile of the applicant and verify that he is in compliance with US law and that he meets the criteria in force for obtaining the right of entry into the USA.

After completing the form completely, taking care to answer each question honestly and transparently, you can check all the answers before validating them definitively. To do so, you are required to pay the application fees. Payment can only be made online using a bank card or a PayPal or other electronic wallet.

At this point, there is nothing else to do as the sequel takes place automatically. A clear and definitive answer is sent by e-mail directly to the address that was entered in the form in a maximum time of 72 hours but, in most cases, you get a response much sooner. The email indicates whether the ESTA has been accepted or rejected.

Note that if you are travelling as a family, you can apply for an ESTA authorization for the whole family in one go. It should be remembered that even children under the age of 18, whatever their age, are required to have authorization to enter the United States.

Things to do only in Rhode Island

But let’s move on to the main attractions that you can find only in Rhode Island.

Brown’s University is one of the most important private universities in all of the United States of America, with over 689 different disciplines taught. It was founded in 1764 by James Manning who initially gave it the name of Rhode Island College.

Its campus immersed in the lush greenery of the city undoubtedly deserves your visit: to do so, just go to College Street and start, stopping at the School of Design which exhibits some really interesting works. There is no shortage of souvenir shops where you can buy books, sweatshirts, gadgets, and various souvenirs. Very interesting is the Clocktower, the clock tower.

If you happen to visit in spring, summer or during the period of foliage (when the leaves start to fall from the trees), Roger Williams Park is absolutely a must. It is a green area of ​​about 173 hectares, where some buildings have also been built such as the Dalrymple Boathouse or the Bandstand. In addition to being a park, it is also a Historic District registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Inside you will find 7 lakes, during the summer it is possible to rent boats (even the classic swan-shaped ones) and take a relaxing trip; hoping that the weather will assist you, you can really enjoy hours of pure relaxation. The park was built in 1872 and is dedicated to the founder of the city of Providence, Roger Williams. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named this urban park as one of the most beautiful in all of the United States.

Inside there are also the Roger Williams Zoo, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, the Japanese Gardens, the Victorian Rose Gardens, the Roger Williams Park Casino.

As we have already said, in the area of ​​the Brown University campus there is this interesting art museum that collects a vast collection of works from all over the world: Egypt, Asia, Africa, ancient Greece and Rome, Europe but also relics. created by the most important Rhode Island artists. Among the big names, you will find we remember Picasso, Andy Warhol, Monet, Manet.

Admission is subject to a fee, even if some days it is free, for more info about it we invite you to consult the website.

Note: Remember to do a quick esta status check before your date of departure.

Walking through the centre you will arrive at City Hall, the municipal administrative centre of the city, founded in 1878 and now included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Much more interesting than City Hall is the Rhode Island State House or the State Capitol of Rhode Island where the legislative and executive powers of the state are carried out. It is a beautiful building built between 1895 and 1904 in full neoclassical style, designed by architects Mckim, Maid and White. Among other things, it houses the Rhode Island General Assembly and the governor’s offices. The exterior of the structure is covered in white marble and brick.

Just west of Downtown is this quaint neighbourhood that has long been home to the large Italian American community. The area where you can walk is the north one, taking Atwells Avenue as the reference road: in correspondence with the small Garibaldi’s Square park, the entrance arch that you will recognize from the leaning pinecone, you will be in the heart of the neighbourhood that is teeming with restaurants, pizzerias, and shops.

The Saturday night from late April to October are illuminated by this open-air artwork created by Barnaby Evans. Relaxing on the city’s riverside you can admire these fires that seem to rise from the middle of the water. Definitely, a particular way to appreciate the city at nightfall, an excellent expedient to take a relaxing stroll around downtown.

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