Reasons to use WordPress

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About 74 million sites of all styles and formats utilize WordPress every second to publish fresh features. Thanks to how easy-yet-powerful it is, this content marketing framework Web Design Oxford or Website Design Oxford has rapidly become a favorite for both internet-savvy users and internet-novices.

  1. It takes zero to use

If it’s a business website or even a personal website, it shouldn’t matter the idea that WordPress might not cost a penny is a huge reason to do it. When the platform continues to attract more visitors than you expected, they do not even charge a premium. Besides being available, WordPress also is free software, ensuring you can change or upgrade the source code; however, you want to customize the design or design of your website.

  1. Able to be yourself

As long as you download it, you will begin utilizing WordPress. But apart from the modification, you offer your template and also the plugins that fit your interests. There is no modification possible. The setup comes with much of the stuff you are searching for, including the incorporation of social media streams, feedback,

  1. Secure Web Page

WordPress seems to be SEO-friendly off the shelf. Top search engines, such as Google or Bing, tend to rate WordPress-using websites better than someone who does not. This is because the arrangement of the CMS making it possible for the worms of the web pages to creep.

  1. Details

We can’t take into account the reality that WordPress is still so able to adapt. Via its plugins or extensions, WordPress is versatile enough to meet all needs if you use the CMS for a local business site, personal website, or perhaps an e-commerce website.

  1. Personalized template

With a personalized template, you can create your wordpress plugin to understand the best you wish. You may choose one of the several that it does, or choose one of the different premium themes created by private entities. You can also incorporate and expand those functionalities and make the design run and do exactly the way you would like it to.

  1. Secure to protect

The motivation of that would-be hackers arises with the success of WordPress. The safety steps the community takes to maintain the trust of its customers are also another explanation of why WordPress has become so cherished. Workers at WordPress are actively upgrading the CMS, together with the plugins that incorporate it.

  1. Responsive Smartphone

Google is penalizing non-mobile-friendly sites by rating them down on their results pages. You will not have to update the whole site for WordPress to render it available on smartphones and tablets, because most of the themes are instantly open. WordPress seems to have the option of displaying websites in “mobile mode” for themes that are not open.

  1. Accomodations

There’s plenty of online support to be discovered. A quick search on google for wordpress would definitely turn up tutorials and videos to help you overcome the dilemma. The communities they have much better, encourage members to help one another out, providing a very engaging community.


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