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Reasons To Opt For Solar Energy And Why Should You Be Having One

The power of energy harnessed by the sun through the technology of PV (photovoltaic) cells, turning sunlight directly into electricity. To create a photovoltaic effect, it is when the sunshine hits the PV cells on the sheet and photons excite the light electrons in the cells, it causes the flow to generate the electricity. 

Homeowners around the world are now preferring to install solar panels for their houses and pave the path towards clean, renewable energy to generate electricity. So, the question arises, ‘how does one go solar and how does it effectively benefit you? 

  • Good for the environment 

Unlike conventional power, solar power doesn’t emit harmful rays which could hurt the environment. It only gives out a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural resources for it- the sun. Based on your pay-back time for PV and CPV systems, it is estimated between a year. 

Using conventional methods for energy production results in the emission of greenhouse gases like: 

CO2: this particular greenhouse gas contributes to global warming

CO: Harmful effects of this gas 

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): It leads to the cause of acid raid that harms the plants and animals whose habitat is water, causing respiratory illness and heart disease. 

Nitrogen oxides (NO2): it contributes to ground-level ozone that causes harm to lungs 

Particular matter: it causes hazy situations in the cities when coupled with ozone as it contributed to asthma and chronic bronchitis. 

  • It’s a good investment 

It’s fair to say that while home improvement that doesn’t quite appeal to the value of the house. Solar energy, on the other hand, helps you in saving money from the energy bill each month. The total ROI is in addition to the money that helps in saving more on energy all the while. In the challenging market, solar panels can make a difference in selling your house or not, it also assists you in considering the market value. 

Another way to have less cost incurred on solar panel maintenance is by using smaller, lighter solar panels with high efficiency.

  • The solar energy system is durable 

Solar panels with no moving parts and cannot be damaged easily. It also lowers the chances for any interruption in the service. They ensure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions like hails and heavy snowfalls. 

  • Solar can makes you profit 

When required, one should have a secured portion of the electricity from solar generators. Apart from investing for cost affordability, applicability is called SREC market. Solar Renewable Energy is created for every megawatt-hour of solar electricity created and this consistently generates more energy in consuming the opportunity for the energy to sell at a premium rate. Solar water energy is generated but not consumed onto the grid and back sold to the electricity provider. 

  • Solar energy assists you in affording the home improvement that one you’ve wanted 

Installing a home solar system offers an opportunity in designing other home improvements with the addition in mind. When combining the home improvement your solar system can design the cover for more extra energy usage and while investing to pay for the other. This also helps you in saving money on the electricity bills and adding more on electric bills and with the home improvements. Your home improvement can be more than worth the money than a renewable energy system. 

  • It has fixed energy cost 

Electricity from the utility providers is set to the price of electricity to the set price, the falling and rising seemingly without cause or effect and the consumers have no choice to pay the current price for the electricity. 

  • Being ahead of the curve 

Even pushing the agendas of the fossil fuel companies with the dirty energy generators, the future of energy is renewable and with clean energy. There are many myths regarding solar energy, one gets the energy from daylight and not just sunlight. So, even on cloudy days, your panels will be working to produce energy. All solar panels providers keep you connected to the grid. 

It is always a nice choice to go green and ethical in terms of energy consumption. For more queries on solar water heaters in India contact Citizen Solar for more. 

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