Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin – Buying, Selling & Trading

Bitcoin is a variety of digital money that you can use to purchase goods and services online. Bitcoin has been gaining popularity in recent years, with more companies accepting it as a form of payment, but there are some pros and cons associated with using Bitcoin. Therefore, you can use Uphold for buying bitcoin.

It allows people to make transactions online without the need for a bank or any middleman. Bitcoin can be used for both legal and illegal purposes, but its anonymity makes it more susceptible to illegal activities like money laundering. Bitcoin also has limited acceptance, meaning it’s not as widely accepted as other currencies like the US dollar. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the pros and cons of using bitcoin so you can decide if it’s something you want to invest in.

The pros of using bitcoin 

The following are the pros to bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin is secure. 
  • Bitcoins are secured in a public key cryptography system, meaning they cannot be transferred without matching private keys or passwords. 
  • Bitcoin transactions can’t be reversed, and bitcoins can only exist on an open blockchain network like Ethereum’s instead of being issued by some central authority making it more difficult to steal from unsuspecting users with ease. 
  • It’s decentralized, so there isn’t any third-party interference when exchanging money – no banks! 
  • Transactions happen peer-to-peer, and business payments don’t need to wait for minimum processing periods because bitcoin doesn’t have bank holidays or weekends. Bitcoin also offers faster transaction speeds than those offered through credit card companies since these institutions charge fees as high as three percent.

Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and don’t require sensitive information to be shared, making it difficult for hackers who may try to withdraw your data or identity through a phishing scam. 


Bitcoin is also an international currency that can bypass the need for exchanging currencies when traveling internationally with no transaction fees required. Since all bitcoin transfers can happen anywhere globally without involving any third-party service providers such as banks, credit card companies, etc. If you have friends living abroad, then sending them money becomes easier because of these benefits!

The cons of using bitcoin.

There is a risk of bitcoin being stolen if the owner isn’t careful about how they store their wallet. If someone else gets passage to your private key, then it could be used to transfer funds from your account without you doing anything! This is why users must encrypt and backup their wallets for added security. But even with encryption, there are risks because hackers can use brute force attacks to decrypt data, so this doesn’t guarantee safety.

  • The process of buying bitcoins on an exchange involves high transaction fees, usually around three percent, which can be avoided when purchasing them locally at discounted prices in person or online using sites like LocalBitcoins, where sellers list items for sale at competitive rates. Some people find it better to buy bitcoin from a broker.
  • Some people sell their bitcoins online for cash using sites like eBay or any classified ads site to post free advertisements and then get paid by PayPal, Venmo, Skrill, etc. This is the best way if you’re not looking to spend money on trading fees that come with buying/selling coins, but it’s also more work than just investing in an account at Coinbase, which has low transaction costs of around 0.25%. 
  • The issue with this method is that there will be some time-lapse before your payment clears depending on how long the seller wants to wait until he sends you the coins, so you’ll have no control over when it arrives!

In addition, if you’re using bitcoin for something that requires an invoice, then it can be hard to keep track of your expenses because there’s no way to connect your payments with the records in the books, which makes it hard to keep up with taxes and finances more difficult than ever before.

Bitcoin is also not insured by anyone, so just like choosing to make purchases online or withdrawing money from ATMs – they do have risks attached, such as being hacked or given viruses, etc., but we’ll get into this later!

The takeaway

Bitcoin is a new type of currency used to purchase goods and services with an internet connection. The pros are there for the taking, but you need to weigh them against the cons before using this form of currency.

 Some people think bitcoin has value because it’s not tied in any way to traditional banking systems or governments; other people don’t trust bitcoins due to their perceived anonymity as well as the volatile price fluctuations, if these risks sound like something you want to take on, then, by all means, use bitcoins! Just make sure you know what your goals are when making this investment choice so that you’re satisfied with your decision down the road.

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