Product promotion – the most effective ways to achieve your goal


When a new product appears on the market, it is difficult for the producers to make people remember about it for the long-lasting period. According to the official datas from Harvard Business School, there are more than 30,000 new consumer products introduced to the global market, but 95% of them fail to achieve significant benefits and sales. One of the main reasons for that might be the quality which did not appear to be satisfactory for the consumers. However, there are also some cases, when the product is of great quality but still fails – in this case, we have a poor promotion. Delivering your product to the right clients can be quite difficult, this is why there are many different tactics that can be used by companies or SMEs to raise awareness of the products. 

Email marketing 

The role of email communication is major when it comes to delivering your message to potential clients. The surveys show that 72% of clients prefer email communication to the other sources this is why they subscribe to the company’s list. However, they do not want to be hearing from you all the time and sometimes, they are even disturbed by the regular email notifications from the same company. Email communication is the most effective way and the cheapest, this is why a lot of companies still prefer using it, rather than sending letters or calling to the clients. 

However, the company and its marketing team have to do a lot of work to make sure that the emails are going to the right clients, to someone who might be interested, otherwise, the company will lose the clients from the list. 

Create gift guides 

Everyone loves gifts, especially when it is free, but the companies should be careful when it comes to promoting their products through gift guides. The best way to do that is to create the list of the products and what the client will receive additionally, in case of buying it. However, this is a tactic that applies differently in different industries. 

For example, in the case of selling your products on Amazon, you can make little gift options in case of buying it.  Sephora, one of the most gigantic companies in the beauty industry, when you shop online, before paying for the product it gives you the option to choose some small size samples of different products, which gives you the chance to test the new products for free. When it comes to the financial market and its industries, brokerage companies often use no deposit bonus in Forex to attract new clients or offer special discounts in case of signing up a friend. The company should also know what can or cannot be used as a gift, because it should not make the company spend the whole budget on it. 

Contacting an Influencer 

When you are new on the market or have a startup it is difficult to sell your products without an audience. The best way, in this case, is to use the source that has a lot of viewers or visitors on a daily basis (depending on the type of product). One of the most efficient and convenient ways for it appears to be contacting the influencer who can help you promote your product. Usually, the companies are spending different amounts of money on promoting the product through the influencer, depending on whether it is story promotion, reel, post, or video. 

Usually, influencers are observed the most on Instagram and this is one of the major platforms to promote your product, and when thousands and millions of people are following one person, it means that they are interested in him/her, this is why your product can be well promoted in case of using the platform of the influencer. 

Facebook Ads 

As well as Instagram, Facebook also plays an important role when it comes to having access to the audience. Facebook has created special tools for businesses to promote their actions and products, among them being Facebook ads

The majority of us are using Facebook on a daily basis and it influences our attitudes about what we see while scrolling through it. One of the main goals of the companies is to be shared as much as possible so that to make people at least see their product and remember about that. We all have seen the sponsored posts, which are used to deliver the information to as many people as possible. The biggest achievement, in this case, is to make people want to buy your product. The visual side and correct description of the post or picture play a crucial role when it comes to being attracted by the advertisement. 

Eye-catching visualization 

We all have experienced the power of visualization while choosing the movie to watch or even buy a book. It is true that the assumptions should not be made depending on only the visuals but it is playing an important role. 

During the creation of visuals for the product, the companies should avoid using stock and generic visuals, finding creative and different ways can be used as your leverage in comparison to others. There are several suggestions that you might use in case of creating the new posts. Explainer videos and how-to images can be quite helpful, producing different versions for the holidays, events, promotions, and special offers. 


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