PRINCE2 Project Management.

Project management is a small definition but large impact of the management of a project. Successful project management means a successful project completion. As outlined on a PRINCE 2 Foundation Courses and training.

We all have projects that are not selected, or pursued in the correct manner, or which have unnecessary or over exaggerated budget or time schedules. Any blame place on the managers at times, for no one knows what is in a managers mind, because the person is not a project manager. Whether this is the case or not, any project has cost, time and resource commitment. So it only makes good sense to manage them to success.

So we endeavour to provide a specific overview of the basic steps that experience managers and project managers follow. However, there is a sense of how things could be – and maybe things need to be – different.  I hope that you will not disagree with that statement.  You have every right to write to your management or agency, because if they are open allproject management proceduralare understood practically and tactfully by everyone involved? Send me an email and we will consider the issue as no more than the title of the page for all of you.

Enquiry/ enquiry/  must be madeThere will be times when no-one has the authority to publish, or change, a decision/ instruction. Some time or other, someone is going to have to be the one to communicate with all stakeholders. This is where the Project Managers all on board, remember that there must be confidentiality. One shouldn’t expect to read a message from someone else’s email system, and risk being removed from the field, if the communications are interrupted.  This is what an Operation Group is for – including the idea that this is an adhoc process; it is the best way to communicate in an environment where people expect information to be confidential (because they won’t be reading it).  Effective communication falls on everyone in the organisation, from those with the authority and right to give information up to those with the authority and right to receive it. Managing a Project and business is all about this.

© Anthony Piri Part of the47.6 Project Management Bar code (PMB)Project Management Standard

Decide upon the scope, deliverables and specifications

Clearly articulate the business analysis, corporate objectives, Key Performance Indicators

Establish a project agenda

Gain sponsor commitment to sponsor(s)

Check out any training needed prior to commencing

Discuss essential tasks with the participants

Establish milestones and deadlines

Ensure all people understand the work they have to do

Ensure all responsibilities meet project objectives

If the project is outside IT then facilitate the training and backfill required

Defines, defines, defines what is required, states what is due, states what is acceptable.

Select out or send out all documents, prior to the commencement of the project or receipt of same via e-mail will duplicate effort

Make the expected feedback

Prioritise all tasks

Evaluate compared to turnaround time

Check the feedback

Check the administrator of tasks you should be passing along to others

Make minor changes if needed


Communicate results to all project stakeholders/ providers

Make sure the Project Managers and other managers have involved

Ensure the Project Manager runs through what happened and steps that will be taken next (it’s OK to ask questions at this point – we all do when things go well)

Execute the deliverables

Communicate results to all stakeholders/ providers – meeting minutes, minutes etc.

He has over 15 years of experience in the field and is well-known for his work with various business magazines.He also reads self help books, fiction novels to keep him entertained during long hours at work!

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