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Power of Color in Mobile App Design

A mobile app has become integral to any business that wants to provide an excellent user experience. 

According to research, users spend nearly 89% of their time on smartphones with mobile apps. 

This makes the mobile app design hugely significant in attracting the attention of your target audience. 

As new trends emerge continually, app design cannot be static. 

You may have designed a state-of-the-art app a few years ago, but it may look a bit dated now.  

With time, you must update your app UI to impress your audience. 

When we talk about changing the UI of a mobile app, then putting an attractive color scheme to create a mood is one way of doing it.  

In a mobile app after the functionality, color plays the second most important part to attract the attention of the users. 

Colors also play a significant role in increasing brand recognition and even the thinking and behavior of the users.

Therefore, using the right color in your mobile UI becomes a vitally important part of the mobile app design to lead the user down the sales funnel.

These points are valid whether you want to develop a completely new mobile app or trying to redesign an old one. 

Besides this, the functionality of a mobile app has a direct impact on the mobile app design cost. Therefore, you should consider functionality accordingly.

To know more about different color schemes let us go through these trendy color palettes. 

Essential color elements in your mobile app – A comprehensive guideline

Analogue color scheme

The designers traditionally use this color scheme, as it is very pleasing to look. In this design, related colors that sit contiguous on a color wheel are used.

In an analogous color scheme, you will find one dominant color allied with another shade that further accentuates its impact by providing a contrasting element.

Monochromatic color scheme

Many app designers prefer monochromatic colors as they provide a calming effect to our eyes. In this color scheme, the simplest of colors are used from the same base color.

Monochromatic color scheme, like the blue hues, creates a very elegant and clean look. This color scheme is used to create a simple yet sophisticated look for the mobile app.

Designers sometimes use white or black colors to the base colors to create a tint or shadows.

 Triadic color scheme

 If you want to make the UI of your mobile app more colorful, then you should try this color scheme.

The triadic color scheme uses three contrasting colors. Here you take any three equally spaced colors on the color wheel that looks very pleasing to the eyes.

Either you can take one of the colors as the dominant one and the other two to add contrast to it or you can use all the three colors in equal measure. 

Some popular triadic color combination includes:

·         Violet, Orange and Green.

·         Yellow, Blue and Red.

·         Orange, Green and Violet.

Complementary color scheme

In the complementary color scheme, you take two colors that are opposite to one another on the color wheel; like Red and Green.

The complementary color scheme produces a pulsating look that will attract the attention of your target audience.

However, you must use this kind of color scheme a bit carefully because in such a color scheme the accompanying text may look bad.

If you want to focus the attention of the app user to some specific part in the app UI, then you can use this color scheme to great effect.

Compound color scheme

Compound color scheme, also known as split complementary is used to create a dynamic color canvas.

In this color palette, the designers choose a color and then use two more colors that are adjacent to its complementary colors.

Though it loosely follows the complementary color scheme, it offers lesser contrast thereby less tension in the overall color pattern.

Color shades scheme

 If you aim to visually connect with your target audience through colors, then you should use the color shade scheme.

This color pattern is achieved when you add black to the base color.

It allows you to direct the focus on certain important areas of the app UI. The color shade design creates a sophisticated look that improves the attractiveness of the app UI.

Color illustrations

 If you have opted for a minimalistic design, then color illustration can create a beautiful contrasting impact. It will allow you to convey your brand message in an unambiguous term.

Beautiful and dynamic illustrations liven up the UI and attract the attention of the app users.

Color gradients

 The latest design trends show that designers use complementary color gradients to create an eye-catching visual effect.

If you are also interested in such a transitory color design, then you should use it with bare minimum icons and images to give the best visual treat to the app users.

Black and shades

 One of the most popular color schemes that app designers use to get a refined-looking UI for the app is using black and shades.

The black color against a white background or white against a black background creates an exciting color pattern that attracts attention.

Bright colorful icons

 Icons play an important role in app design by defining the overall UI theme and its message is clear and easy to understand terms.

Colorful icons when smartly used can create a strong statement that helps in differentiating actions in the user interface.


If you want to use any one of the color schemes that we have shared with you here, then you must ask yourself some questions before you choose it for the app UI. These questions include the following.

·         Does the color scheme you have selected truly represents your brand personality?

·         Does it harmoniously gel with the overall UI/UX color palette?

·         Does it attract your target audience?

In this blog, we have barely scratched the surface of the theory that seeks to enhance UI design by using the appropriate color scheme.

You need continuous practice and collect a great amount of feedback from the users before you gain expertise in creating a beautiful and dynamic color scheme.

Such a color pattern will help you to attract your target audience and improve your brand message.

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