PDF Files – Reducing Size with Online tools

PDF files have many perks and advantages over other editable formats, but the most common issue faced by users while handling PDF files is their size. The size of the PDF files matters a lot, especially when uploading and publishing the files. If you face a similar problem regarding the PDF file size, you should start reading this guide. 

Today we have listed some of the best online tools that can help you reduce PDF files without much hassle. Manually compressing PDF files is close to impossible, and so you would need online tools for compression. 

There are plenty of PDF compressor tools on the web, but not all of them are reliable, and you can lose the quality of the file in the process of reduction with the low-quality tools. For best quality, you can use Soda PDF Convertir JPG a PDF. To save you from this kind of trouble, we have listed some of the best PDF compressor tools you can find online these days!

Best Tools for reducing PDF file size online!

Here are some of the top-notch options you should consider if you are looking to reduce PDF files!

PDF compressor by SmallSEOTools

The PDF compressor by smallseotools is an excellent website tool. If you want your PDF files to remain the same in their original quality and structure, this is the right tool. The tool is perfect for creating small PDF files that can be stored on local or cloud drives, can be sent via email, shared on social media, or can be published on web pages without affecting the loading speed. This compressed PDF file tool is very straightforward, and you don’t need any skills to utilize it. You need to upload files from your local drives or dropbox and hit the ‘compress PDF’ option. The tool would reduce the file size by more than 60% and get you a downloadable version of it!

PDF compressor by Duplichecker 

The PDF compressor tool by Duplichecker is another free reduction tool using which you can shrink the size of large PDF files. This online compressed PDF tool is usually used to compress PDF images or files that are 10Mbs or less in size. If you want lossless and quick conversions, then you should try out this tool. As it is a cloud-based service, you can utilize it on any device you want as its working is based on the cloud. The tool can easily compress your PDF file by more than 50%, which would get you a lot of space. The tool’s interface is quite straightforward, so you won’t need any skills to utilize it!

PDF compressor by Adobe

There are tons of tools and options that you can find on the interface of Adobe. The tool can handle PDF manipulation so well because it is the very platform that came up with this format in the first place. The PDF compressor tool and all other services on the platform are very reliable and accurate. You would find both the basic and the paid version of the compressor on the main interface of the app/website. For basic compressions, you can go for the free version but if you have hundreds of MBs of files to compress, you have to get along with the paid subscription!

Compress PDF with small PDF

Small PDF is a popular platform that can cater to multiple types of PDF manipulations. You must know that this website’s compress PDF tool is among the leading ones in this league. The website is very handy, and you can use all kinds of utilities without any practice. You can use a small PDF compressor online, and you can also get its offline version for your smartphone. The tool is one of the straightforward services available on the internet, and this is why it is considered best for beginners!

Soda PDF- PDF Compressor

This online PDF compressor tool is one of the powerful but complicated tools on the web. The compress PDF tool is easy to use once you get familiar with its interface. This PDF manipulation website is considered to be best for professional users. You cannot only compress a single file with this tool, but you can also help yourself in compressing a complete batch of PDF files in one go without much trouble. The tool is best for desktop users as it can also be downloaded in the application version and used offline! There are two different variants of this website, the first one is the free one, and the second one is paid! It is up to the user to select the one which suits his/her intent the most!

The above-listed tools are the best options that you can consider for free and error-free compression of large PDF files. If you want to shrink your PDF files and make some space on your storage, you should try out either of these tools and share your experience with others!

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