PDF Conversion: Word To PDF Using GogoPDF

The use of electronic files has become global and in demand for most jobs. We tend to use different electronic files such as MS Office Word, MS Office Powerpoint, and MS Office Excel. These electronic files are one of the main reasons we complete our tasks on time every day, and because of that, files are being sent through different online communication websites. 

That’s why converting them to PDF is now in demand by most companies to avoid some uncertainties. One of the best reliable online conversion websites is the GoGoPDF. This website gives you free access to all of its 26 PDF tools with just one click. All of their tools are very useful and easy to use, and all your uploaded files are safe with them. 

How Do I Convert To PDF For Free?

The Word electronic file is one of the most used MS Office programs because of its different purposes, such as making a report, proposal, composing a song, writing a book, creating detailed information, and more. The Word file has made most of our lives a lot easier because of the various tools this program has. 

Many companies demand all of their Word files be converted to PDF before sending them to different recipients. Converting files to PDF might be frustrating to others because they lack the knowledge on how to do it. Thanks to GoGoPDF, you can convert your Word to PDF free in an easy and faster way possible. Here are the few clicks you must follow:

  1. Open your computer and search the GoGoPDF website in your browser.
  2. Once it opens, go to the upper-right corner tools and look for the  Convert to PDF category and click the Word to PDF.
  3. Select the file that you wish to convert to PDF and upload it to the websites’ converter box.
  4. The Converter toolbox of this site will begin its process, wait for a few minutes until the conversion is done.
  5. When the transformation is complete, you can download the latest PDF document to your device or copy the link and share it with your social media accounts.

The Importance Of Converting Word To PDF

Converting your files to PDF is very important these days. As our technology keeps getting better, we can not deny that the hackers on the web are getting better. That’s why converting your Word document to PDF format is in demand for most companies. It helps your documents stay protected from unnecessary file corruptions and alterations.

The other good thing about converting your Word file to PDF is you can save a huge amount of space on your desktop, hard drive, or USB. PDF format effortlessly squeezes your file without harming the quality, format, and context of your documents. It also makes it easy to attach to your email when sending it to different recipients.

Another good thing about PDF files is that anyone can access them because of their universal format. People with different browsers, operating systems, and devices can access the PDF file in just a few clicks. It is readable and in perfect conditions, and your readers can not alter your file.

How Do I Protect My PDF File?

Do you want to give your newly converted file a different level of protection from unauthorized people? With GoGoPDF, this question is answerable because they have the protected PDF tool where you can add passwords to your files in an effortless way where your files will not be accessible by anyone who doesn’t know the password.

Here are the simple steps you should follow for you to add a password to your file:

  1. Access the website, click the Tools button on your upper-right, and then click the Protect PDF tool under the Sign and Security category.
  2. Upload the PDF file that you wish to add a password to the toolbox.
  3. Type the passcode of your choice by following GoGoPDF’s requirements.
  4. Once complete, you can share your protected PDF file with your recipients using the link provided by GoGoPDF or download the file to your device.

The Different Tools Of GoGoPDF

The website has 26 PDF tools that are very useful to people who use MS Office files daily in their jobs. Each tool in the website has its purpose, description, and guides to make your conversion or repair hassle-free. One of these tools listed below are present on their website:

  1. Compress PDF
  2. PDF Converter
  3. Split PDF
  4. Add Watermark
  5. Edit PDF
  6. Repair PDF
  7. Unlock PDF
  8. Convert To PDF Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, JPG)


File conversion these days is more accessible than in the old days’ thanks to some trusted websites with PDF tools, like GoGoPDF. With the help of this website, you can convert your MS Office format files to PDF for free. Another good thing about online PDF conversion is that you can easily access the website using different devices, and it’s for free.

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