As every family grows, new members added, no doubt, there will be a need to increase living space, and that can be tricky. Then questions arise whether to rebuild, renovate, or sell and buy a bigger space. The latest trend in Sydney is to knock down and rebuild. This trend is due to the increasing shortage of living space in Australia’s Suburbs and, specifically, Sydney.

As per the statistics, real estate prices have gone up again, making it more expensive to purchase a new home. The following are the real estate prices to understand the figures better:

  • Sydney – $ 1,154,406
  • Melbourne – $ 875,980
  • Brisbane – $ 596,316
  • Adelaide – $ 564,927

As seen from the data, it is much cheaper to knock down and rebuild Sydney as the real estate prices are soaring. Many companies offer to do this, but every client must do a few necessary checks before hiring them to redo homes, as it is no small investment.

  • The company taking the responsibility to knock down rebuild Sydney or any other town should ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible with minimal hiccups.
  • They are in tune with the needs of the customer and meet their expectations throughout the process.
  • In the end, they deliver the dream home to the client and leave them feeling happy and satisfied.

The process of knockdown and rebuild:

  • The Design: This is a crucial step, as the design is the foundation of everything. Discussing things like the number of bedrooms, living room space, and material preferences with the builders, the better it will help them incorporate these and bring the house to life.
  • Site inspection: It is crucial to schedule site inspections and visit the site frequently to understand each step along the way. The inspector’s initial site inspection is vital, too, as they will inspect the property for its accessibility, size, drain system, power, etc. This inspection will determine if the house design is suitable for that property.
  • The actual knockdown process: There will be an experienced team to start the knockdown rebuild process; they ideally should walk the client through the process and then begin. They will keep the client in the loop of everything to give them the satisfaction that they are investing their money in the right place and that it is worth it.

Reasons to knock down and rebuild:

  • Many people get attached to the neighbourhood they grew up in or lived in for a long time, their kids growing up there, schools being nearby, convenient stores and restaurants close by and much more that can truly make a person feel like they do not want to leave the area. But the best option for a change living in the same neighbourhood is to knock down and rebuild Sydney or any other town which feels like home.
  • Old heritage sites and homes built in the past are sometimes not made with the right design initially and are usually not suited to modern families’ lives. Knocking down and rebuilding is the best option in such cases.
  • Gardens and pools are the new forms of luxury, and already established homes mostly always come with lovely old trees, pathways that can be left as is, as they take years to grow.
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