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Online Tutoring – A Great Move for Livelihood

What forces me to write a blog on financial tutoring? Well, it is just a need of the hour. Teaching online has now become possible for every medium and language. It is remarkably working for many to reduce the mental and physical load. 

The anticipation of thousands of teachers and students are venturing into cyber academic space for the first time due to COVID-19, which has prompted some commentators to initiate a new form of online education to predict its advancement. 

Nowadays, very few remain to continue with face to face teaching because most of the faculties are now delivering classes online. Every faculty now gives importance to the multiple online modes such as video conferencing, messaging, etc. 

The excitement for online education is rapidly increasing amongst the students. They are very fascinated to counter this new virtual technique of study. They are doing so because they receive more in virtual learning than a blackboard. 

Notwithstanding the reasons mentioned are more likely to have more significance of earning opportunity for those who faced very harsh and challenging situation during the lockdown. Online teaching offered them to redefine their income.

Through this blog, we shall find the relativity of online teaching with an enduring capacity of livelihood and how one can get instant financial support. 

What prompted us to switch online teaching?

When the universities and all other academic institutions announced that they are not holding any classes or curriculum activities due to pandemic outbreak, an abrupt change moved across the children and their parents and teachers of the whole world. 

Later on, they considered the use of virtual learning over in-person classes. But a debate began to conclude it by presenting the different opinions; some were explicitly speaking about shifting to online education, while others talk about the holdings of remote classes. 

Many were feeling advantageous of the spring holidays, but for many, it was an alarming side as it was becoming a big challenge for earning. And it was all done before different forms, and sources of online learning and teaching introduced. 

Several scholars comment that the time of emergency influences the adoption and experimentation will retain the speed up the embracement of online and various other forms of technology-related learning.

Does the way of providing education by existing institutions better than other online platforms?

Though the way through which colleges and universities are imitating the prevailing online learning looks like, this seems pale in comparison. It does not meet the advanced faculty, student attitude about the quality of technology-based learning. 

The procedure followed by the college and universities exposed the entire faculties and student portal bodies as they are not capable enough to circulate the demanding measures of the online platform. 

The modes or applications introduced by the schools and colleges are not working correctly in a sense to provide notes, assignments and other academic information. 

This concludes that the exiting academic institutions have failed to meet the excellent quality of virtual teaching and learning, though many are working for its improvement. 

What about the students or teachers stranded in remote areas?

Teachers and students are much aware of the concerns about education. They have been pushed to remain at their places and not allowed to move outside the classes. 

COVID-19 does not only denounce this reputed deed but also recruit many of its believers in the witness box to think upon its substitutions and mark challenges galore to make it more inapproachable. 

It became more challenging for those who stranded in remote areas and hardly proceeded towards the acquaintances of proper education. 

How important is a teacher’s mental health and wellness to provide quality learning in the online classroom?

Over 90 million school teachers are at the verge of damages caused by COVID-19. And during lockdown conditions when schools switched to online learning, they are more likely to stand at home and manage to pick up the technical skills without any formal technical training. 

They somehow assembled all digital skills, virtual learning resources and protocols of cyber safety and all these arrangements are made possible despite lack of technical knowledge. 

Teachers are more responsible in taking care of their students’ mental ability, strength and wellness who are struggling under the influence of COVID-19. Teachers have to deal with the distorted routine of self and others, including learners. 

It becomes more difficult to counsel the students as they are struggling with similar issues and need someone’s emotional and financial helping hand. And they are honourable for working irrespective of their stresses and anxieties.

Getting financial support 

We know that every single individual got affected during the lockdown. Still, since we are talking about teachers, it increases more concerns in the hearts as they are the future builders and we cannot compromise with their economic stability.

Assembling technical equipment and training to handle this skill requires some money in the form of expenditure. Well, this can be simplified by applying for guaranteed loans

Having induced the loans, teachers can now continue their favourable commitments towards their learners. 


Online tutoring is a great move to earn money in the worse period of COVID-19, but we have to analyze its relevance in future. 

We should not take teachers for granted because they are the one who works for us after our parents. They are the future builders. 

Despite this fact, we often forget their significance and pretend them as any other helpers. They also require some care and good health. During the lockdown, these teachers are also facing hard times and struggling a lot.

Basant Kumar
Basant Kumar, I am an Indian blogger. I specialize in all types of posts and I have been supporting on social media ever since days. If we want to make you successful and successful then social media is a very good and easy way whether you are in studies or business etc. Chat Conversation End Type a message...

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