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Norton Secure VPN Review — It’s Safe, but Is It Good?

Norton is probably the greatest name in web security, yet its VPN isn’t viewed as the best out there. Given the way that it accompanies four other applications, I chose to put it to the test and check whether it’s truly awesome. I wasn’t hoping for something else than online security; however, is it adequate to be pronounced an incredible Norton Secure VPN Review? 

Streaming – Norton Secure VPN Unblocks Netflix

Norton Secure VPN just several streaming stages, so it is anything but a decent decision in the event that you need to watch worldwide motion pictures and shows. Before I began testing, I took a gander at Norton’s approaches to perceive what I ought to expect and reasoned that Norton didn’t invest any energy into making a Norton secure VPN to unblock streaming stages.

Slow on Local and International Servers 

Norton Secure VPN is one of the slowest Norton secure VPN I tried. It’s entirely expected to encounter misfortune in speed when you associate with a VPN, yet not over 20%. In any case, the thing that matters was tremendous with Norton. On the off chance that my association was only a tad slower, it would have been difficult to stream any films or access intuitive sites. To test Norton Secure VPN’s rates, I utilized Ookla’s speed test apparatus and estimated my:

Ping — measures an opportunity to get a reaction from the site or application you’re associating with

Download speed – measures the time you need to download documents and data from the web.

Transfer speed – measures the time you need to send records, like messages and recordings.

Neighbourhood Speeds 

Norton Secure VPN has extraordinarily lethargic rates on nearby workers. I utilized its auto-select component, and it discovered a worker that is near my area, which should give me the quickest association. I began with a 35.37 Mbps download, 36.76 Mbps transfer speed, and a ping of 8 ms. In the wake of associating with the Romanian worker, Norton suggested, my download speed dropped to 9.44 Mbps, which is a 75% reduction, transfer speed diminished by 58% to 15.72 Mbps, and the ping expanded to 14ms.

These distinctions are gigantic, and I just had sufficient speed to peruse the web since I began with a high velocity. In the event that your organization isn’t quick, it will be difficult to do anything with Norton Secure VPN.

Significant Distance Speeds 

Norton Secure VPN’s significant distance speeds are similarly just about as delayed as the neighbourhood ones, which is somewhat uncommon. 

By and large, the neighbourhood workers are somewhat quicker than the worldwide ones, yet distance didn’t have an effect on Norton’s VPN. 

The main worker I tried was in the US. My download speed was 8.87 Mbps, which is a 75% lessening contrasted with my unique one, transfer speed diminished by 64% to 13.50 Mbps, and ping remained at 159. These outcomes are horrendous — I could scarcely proceed with my customary perusing with these numbers.

Are Norton Secure VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? 

Norton Secure VPN is unquestionably not a decent decision for gaming. Its velocities are delayed on both nearby and global workers, making it difficult to build up a decent association. I tried its gaming exhibitions utilizing Nvidia GeForce Now, which measures:

Transmission capacity — measures the measure of information moved in a given measure of time

Parcel misfortune — measures the level of information lost during the move

Ping/Latency — measures the time expected to get a reaction from the worker

To effectively stream a game from Nvidia’s workers, I need 25 Mbps, and if it’s a web-based game, I need, at any rate, 30 Mbps.

On the neighbourhood worker I tried, these measurements were inside the necessary stretches — it’s not ideal; I actually encountered a lot of slack. Nonetheless, the transfer speed remained at 24 Mbps, and I had no parcel misfortune — implying that I could, in any case, stack CS: GO maps without issues and the ping was 52 ms, which is higher than the base of 40 ms to play a web-based game.

 On a quicker beginning organization, gaming would be conceivable with Norton Secure VPN. However, that is not the situation for a great many people. The subsequent stage was to test a worldwide worker, and I picked Norton’s US area. The association was even more slowly than previously, making it difficult to stream any game.

 The transmission capacity was moderate, at 24 Mbps, and I had a bundle deficiency of 1.4% — this implies that I wasn’t getting all the data from the worker. During easygoing WoW strikes, my character would be abandoned, and the guides wouldn’t completely stack. The ping was 240 ms, which is too high to even consider playing any multiplayer game — I’d invest a great deal of energy reconnecting to the game. Most web-based games will disengage you from the match if your ping is excessively high.

Worker Network — Small however Secure 

Norton Secure VPN has workers in 30 nations — however, nobody appears to know the specific number. The greatest disadvantage is that you can’t physically pick the worker you interface with — you can just pick the area.

 This turns into an issue when you need to get to area restrictive substance; however, Norton Secure VPN doles out you as an arbitrary worker with an irregular IP address. In the event that you need to watch US Netflix, yet a portion of its Norton’s IPs are obstructed by the stage, the best anyone can hope for at this point is to interface and separate to a similar area until you get a functioning association.

Security – Limited; however, Strong Security Features 

Norton Secure VPN has extraordinary security highlights; however, they’re not accessible on every one of the upheld gadgets. I tried its off button, split burrowing, and WiFi security on a Windows PC, Macbook, Android telephone, and iPad. Despite the fact that every one of these highlights worked incredibly, I was unable to utilize them all on a solitary gadget. 

This is amazingly badly arranged and makes the VPN restricted. Norton’s VPN will guard you during your customary perusing. I ran a couple of DNS and IP spill tests to see whether my data was noticeable to anybody on the web — DNS and IP breaks can uncover your data, making the VPN totally futile. Joyfully, I didn’t discover anything strange. 

Norton utilizes AES-256 encryption, which is the most grounded around, so there’s no uncertainty about its security. Norton needs to keep up its standing, so it can’t have any security issues or information penetrates. Its VPN is extraordinary for individuals who just need to secure their character. Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for more than perusing, and you likewise need to download deluges or sidestep geoblocks, I suggest looking at other VPN administrations.


Norton Secure VPN has an off button — however, just on Android gadgets. The off button assists you with keeping up your obscurity by obstructing your web association in the event that the VPN falls flat. This implies that in case you’re downloading something and the VPN can’t cover you any longer, and it will close your web association down.

 This is an element you might need to utilize when you’re downloading deluges or getting to the web from public organizations. Since it’s just accessible for Android gadgets, Norton Secure VPN will not give you the best degree of security across the entirety of your gadgets. 

Norton’s parted burrowing highlight is just accessible on Windows gadgets, which, once more, is badly designed. Split burrowing allows you to course certain applications and sites through the VPN and keeps the lay on your ordinary organization. This is exceptionally valuable when you just need to course your downpour customer or a program to watch a global show.


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