Modify GST registration by adding new products

Description: Sometimes the modification in the GST certificate is required. In which the trader or seller needs to add some new products or goods category in their certificate for which they need to modify their registration with GST

Who is required to change and modification in GST certificate of registration?

There is no doubt that after the introduction of GST, many traders have helped to increase their business in the right form. And on seeing this, the government has made the registration of GST necessary for all traders. Such traders whose annual turnover is more than 40 lakh rupees are required to take registration of patrol without delay.

And there are many different types of businesses such as online selling, which we all know today as an e-commerce business. Every e-commerce merchant must get the registration of GST. They cannot start their business on any online platform without registration.

Today, we start to talk about the modification in GST certificate of registration 

An already registered merchant feels the need to make some changes under his registration, i.e. change his GST certificate. Any correction made in the details of the GST certificate is called the GST amendment. Registration of GST may require any modification such as transferring a business from a composite GST scheme or in case of a mistake in registration. GST can decide on amendments for updating in the following areas: –

  1. The necessary area
  2. Un-necessary area

Core fields: 

  • Name of the Business & Association
  • Actual/current Address of the business
  • And also the trader or the GST holder can add multiple addresses/places of business if they have more offices with one registration certificate of GST. And they can add or remove the details of the director and partners of the registered business. 

Non-core fields:

It mentions all the fine points which are not mentioned in the required fields, such as-

 Authorized Signatory Email ID

  • Authorized signatory’s mobile number
  • Adding new goods and services to the registration of GST

Here we understand the entire process of adding new goods on the registration certificate of GST.

When can a businessman add multiple goods to the GST certificate of registration?

An already registered person can opt to add several items in his registration certificate of GST: –

  • He deals in many items but his GST Registration includes only a few of them.
  • He starts a diversified business apart from the major business.
  • He gets a dealership of another manufacturer or company.
  • It has a retail outlet or a department store, where a variety of goods were sold under one roof.

When will it become mandatory to add multiple items in the registration of GST?

The inclusion of several items in the registration of GST makes the possibilities mandatory: –

  • Some types of goods may incorrectly disappear in the GST certificate.
  • Sometimes the merchant may behave in a different product which is not mentioned in the registration of GST.
  • If such an error is detected by the GST department, the modification will be urgently needed. Now in such a case, the GST amendment has to be filed immediately.

How many products can be added at a time of registration of GST?

There can be Add max to max five products at a time of registration of GST. It can be modifying further if needed.

How can a GST holder Add and modify the products?

The GST holder can add multiple products and modify the products or details by contacting their GST practitioner or company with the home they take the registration of GST. 

And follow the process to modify and add a new category in GST certificate:

  1. The GST holder needs to go to the GST official website or portal to login.
  2. After login, the GST holder needs to follow the section of Amendment of registration non-core fields
  3. After following this section the trader or holder needs to go goods and service options.
  4. As soon as you press the “Goods and Services” tab, you will now see all the goods and services that have been added to the registration certificate of GST. You have to include more than just goods in this tab.
  5. To include new goods and services in the registration certificate of GST, the GST holder will need to type the relevant HSN code within the HSN code field just below the non-key fields. On typing the HSN code, a related item will appear. He has to tap on it, and the corresponding product type will be added.
  6. And now finally save all the goods which are adding new to this certificate. Also, this change and adding the new products is called modification in GST.
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