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Mobile Security Threats: 6 Methods to Keep Your Device Safe

Over the course of years, vulnerability to cyber-attacks has become a crucial aspect. Even smartphones are not spared. Many attacks like malware attacks and other spyware get into smartphones without any notice. More so, these unethical activities breach your privacy whereas your personal data and information become compromised. This can be very stressful and equally dangerous. Especially if you have to run a company or have business records of your company in your smartphone device. 

But, it doesn’t stop here. In fact, other devices that are connected to your smartphones may become vulnerable too. Be it another smartphone, your PC, Tablet, or other devices. Since the majority of people have moved their work to smartphones, mobile security comes as the utmost importance and should be implemented right away. But where to start? Well, to know more about the mobile security threats ways to protect your data, read more below. 

4 Common Security Threats

When it comes to mobile security threats, we automatically assume that someone is spying on us the minute we do something. Despite it is true, there are other forms of a security breach which we’re about to see below:

1. Malware & Spyware 

One of the most common security threats is malware and spyware programs. Generally, these are also termed as mobile adware which is programmed to get installed on a smartphone without your permission. The sole purpose of these programs circles around retrieving your data, keywords you use on the internet, and they spam you with advertisements. 

Similarly, the spyware collects your information too. But, these programs transmit these to a different party. Such as the pattern of using the internet. Many companies use these data to provide you with related ads. So far, it does not sound as harmful as it seems like a marketing strategy. But, spyware also gets ahold of your location, contacts and internet usage. And, that is an intrusion.  

2. Trojans & Viruses

If you are familiar with using your PC, you are aware of viruses. Not only do they infect your device but they can breach into your personal information which is far worse than spamming you with ads. 

Viruses and Trojans are scripted programs that enter your device through spam links via emails or text messages. An accidental click to these links helps them form a connection to your device. Thus, by recognizing your hard drive, these programs are installed in your device. 

Additionally, the program files can be anything like malware, an automated bot, or even adware. Such programmed files are dangerous to your device since it can also get hold of your banking information and do illegal activities. 

3. Browser Exploitation 

Web browsers are one of the most vulnerable gateways for viruses and malware. Despite browser security, they enter the device and mess with your interface. What this program does is get a hold of your browser security’s weaknesses. Using them, they exploit your browsers such as extensions, PDF readers, and other browser tools. 

So, if one day you open your web browser and notice some unusual changes in the user-interface, then be sure that it has been exploited. You can also seek professional advice from mobile repair Dubai experts and keep your device updated.

4. Phishing Attacks 

Phishing attacks are one of the common attacks that happen globally. In these types of activities, an intruder gets hold of your personal details and then spies on you, without giving you a hint of its existence. There are many applications programmed to do it automatically. These applications tend to look like real applications with a great appeal for deception. 

However, it needs your response to be able to function. And, that can only be possible by making you trust its legitimacy. Once you begin to believe that these application programs are not suspicious, they start to get a hold of your profile. 

In return, these programs collect your database, information, and password along with account numbers. These types of attacks are meant to reveal your data on the internet and third-party users. 

How to Successfully Prevent these Mobile Security Threats?

Mobile security threats are on increasing as each day goes by. More and more people resort to smartphones and more of these people end up being a victim to it. Sometimes it can be very difficult to determine whether our phone is just becoming too old and faulty or if it is being hacked by an intruder. So, here are some authentic mobile security threat methods to prevent your data from getting breached. Additionally, you can also seek help from mobile repair Dubai.

1. Keep Software Updated 

It is the first and foremost step to make sure your system is protected. Mobile phone users go through tons of web pages, browsing sessions, and install various application files. Through these, hackers can easily enter into your system without informing or giving off clues. 

But, when you keep your software up to date, it protects the device from potential mobile threats. Developers release updates in a timely manner so that the system can be devoid of bugs and unusual program additions. 

2. Install Mobile Security 

When it comes to getting mobile security, we often disregard it or don’t pay much attention to it while it is helpful to protect you from hackers. When you secure your device, hackers, viruses, and the aware won’t be able to breach your system. To do that, simply refer to a trusted provider of internet security and get it installed right away. 

3. Download Applications from Respective Stores

There are times when we end up installing applications from the internet when we can’t seem to be doing that from Play Store or Apple Store. This is a harmful choice because applications on the internet are not trustworthy and can have malicious files in them. 

It is always advisable that you download and install your desired applications from either Play Store or Apple Store. If you can’t seem to get any application installed from your Store then refer to professional assistance from Mobile Repair Dubai for more help. 

4. Install a Firewall

When it comes to firewall protection, the majority of smartphones do not have it. However, if you can install a firewall to your device, then the chances of protection easily expand by a long margin. It will keep your device secured from any kind of online activity and also keep your privacy safe and intact. 

5. Use Passcode 

Passcodes are built for the sole purpose of privacy and security. If you have a passcode on your device then any kind of theft will not leave you compromising with your information. That being said, keep everything in your phone, password-protected, be it an application or gallery or anything else. Most importantly, keep your banking details protected with a strong password. 

6. Read End-User Agreement

Most of the time, we tend to skip the end-user agreement because it is too long. Unless you’re downloading applications from authentic stores like Play Store or Apple Store, always read the end-user agreement. Especially, if it is a software available on a different website. Because in there, you will find some flaws that do not seem usual for any agreement to put. 


Mobile security threats are seriously dangerous and they’re on the rising spike currently. By using some common measures, precautions, and common sense, you could save your device and your data from getting breached. However, if you have any difficulties in securing your phone, simply refer to  Mobile Repair Dubai for further assistance. 

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