Making a case for a cheap SSL Wildcard

Need SSL security for one domain with multiple subdomains and aren’t sure what type of SSL to go for? You came to the right place. You should go for a cheap SSL wildcard. Read on to find out why.

What is a Wildcard SSL?

When you install a Wildcard SSL on your server, it encrypts communications on your main domain and any subdomain of one level linked to it. Like with every other kind of SSL, when a user visits either your domain or one of your subdomains, the SSL will ensure that an HTTPS connection is created between your server and their web browser. This ensures that all data sent over the connection is safe and cannot be intercepted by malicious third parties.

Unlike a regular single-domain SSL, an SSL Wildcard can secure unlimited first-level subdomains connected to your main website. For example, if your website is, it would also secure,, etc. When you install your SSL, it will automatically protect subdomains that already exist and any you happen to create in the future without you having to lift a finger — no messing around with SSL reissues. 

Securing your entire website portfolio with a single SSL is also more convenient in the long run. You only have to keep track of the expiration date, so when it comes to renewing your SSL, you won’t need to worry about any subdomains becoming insecure without you noticing. 

Don’t pay more when you don’t have to

Why go for a cheap SSL Wildcard specifically, you ask? Well, when all SSL certificates on the market do the same thing, why pay more? You’ve probably noticed that SSL prices can vary wildly, and usually, it’s not for any good reason. All SSLs on the market offer the same level of 256-bit encryption, no matter what validation level you decide to go for. So going cheap will not affect the level of protection you get from your SSL. 

However, when choosing an SSL store, you should always check its reputation, customer service policy and availability, and whether the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) is considered trustworthy by major web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Getting an SSL from a trusted CA is probably the most essential thing if you want your website to work for visitors. Fortunately, many reputable CAs partner up with affordable SSL stores, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just remember to do your homework before buying!


While paying more for something can sometimes indicate better quality, SSL certificates are not one of them. To get high-level security for your domain and multiple subdomains, a cheap SSL Wildcard is the way to go.

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