Legit ways to make money with bitcoin using your android phone


Bitcoin has dominated the vanilla market place single-handedly in such a short time. Moreover, bitcoin has acquired the interest of multinational companies and entrepreneurs. The highly volatile nature of bitcoin has concerned ample individuals to withdraw their investment from bitcoin. However, The fact might not affect you like every time bitcoin rendered unfavourable fluctuation; the cryptocurrency king has bounced back much better.

The utmost concerning query about bitcoin is can we still make money from bitcoin even after such a volatile nature of bitcoin. Yes, you can earn millions of money through bitcoin by just using your android phone. Beneath mentioned is a complete set of legit ways for making money through bitcoin, so without wasting any further ado, let’s get started.


The highly volatile nature of bitcoin is subjected to ample benefits for traders. The most prominent benefits of bitcoin trading are that it is obtainable 24×7. So, you can trade according to your expediency, In which practicality means when profit is high. There are many android mobile applications that are compatible with the hottest technologies mobiles as well as with the low variation mobile too. By downloading these applications, you can start bitcoin trading exclusive of any barrier with the help of your android device. 

There is no restriction for going to any office; you can do bitcoin trading from anywhere. If you trade with the assist of an android application, then they will also provide you trading charts in which you can see the performance of bitcoin anytime. The margin of your profit is always decided by the agility of trading charts.


Bitcoin is a virtual currency, but in the past few decades, it is converted into investment assets. If you are making long term investments in bitcoin, then it means that you believe in the positive future of bitcoin. The significant difference between trading and investing is that if you are doing trading, then you will sell it immediately at that moment when profit soars high, But on the other hand, if you are making an investment, then you will not sell it in the near future because you have faith in better future of bitcoin and you will wait for the right time.

 If you analyse all the records, trade chart, expert opinion, then you can also make a significant amount of money by investing in bitcoin. In any condition, if your analytical record got right, you can become a millionaire. For investing in bitcoin, you just need a good opportunity.


Mining refers to a complex process of sustaining the blockchain by solving exceedingly challenging mathematical. The block reward for mining a single block is 6.25, which means every miner receives after successfully mining a block. Following are some step which you should follow to start your bitcoin mining journey.

Get a bitcoin wallet.

The consign where bitcoins are stored subsequent to mining is known as a bitcoin wallet. If you want to start your bitcoin mining journey, then the first thing you should have is a bitcoin wallet. Without a bitcoin wallet, you cannot do its mining. There is an enormous variety of bitcoin wallet out of which you can buy from the market. Bear in mind that the wallet you are considering buying is highly secured or not.

Selection of bitcoin exchange

After getting your bitcoin wallet, the second step of bitcoin mining exchanges. You can exchange bitcoin with any currency of your choice. You have to make sure that you are getting the correct exchange price or not.

Get a bitcoin mining application.

After exchanging bitcoin with your desired currencies, the next thing you want is an application for mining. There are tons of application present on the app store with the help of which you can start your mining ventures. Using an android application can be proved a better option for mining in contrast to the outdated computer.

Membership of mining pool

After downloading an android application, there is only a need to become a member of the mining pool ( miners who are gathered to form a group who can do mining together). If you do mining in the group, then it will become relatively easy to collect information or to solve the mathematical equation.

These are some legal ways by which you can earn money with the help of bitcoin. Moreover authentic forums like https://bitcoin-prime.io/ can help you in earning money through bitcoin in a legit manner.


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