Keep Your Eyes On These Crypto Startups

Crypto Startups

Crypto startups are all the rage going into 2022. The opportunities revolving around Web3, the Metaverse and crypto are endless. Below are some of the best startups to watch out for right now in the cryptocurrency world. 

1. Merkle Science

The next generation of intelligence and risk management platform for cryptocurrencies, called Merkle Science, aims to prevent illegal activities and detect fraud. Through their platform, they envision a world where cryptocurrencies are a vital part of the financial services ecosystem. They are working with regulators, law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to ensure that the industry is safe and secure.

One of the core components of their platform is the COMPASS transaction monitoring system, which helps financial institutions and businesses keep track of their clients’ transactions in real-time.

Through TRACKER, they can provide law enforcement agencies and financial intelligence units with a tool that allows them to investigate the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities. Through blockchain data, users can track the movements of illicit funds and identify the individuals behind the activities.

Another component of their platform, EXPLORER, is an enterprise solution that helps businesses understand their risks and manage their interactions with crypto businesses. It can also help them conduct due diligence and monitor their activities.

2. JustCarbon

Through the JustCarbon platform, consumers and businesses can purchase carbon-neutral cryptocurrencies that can be used to reduce their emissions. One JCR token can remove a ton of carbon from the atmosphere.

The goal of the JustCarbon platform is to democratize the carbon markets and provide a transparent and effective platform for the global carbon sequestration industry. Through the JustCarbon Removal Unit, developers can monetize their carbon emissions through the use of JCRs. These credits will only be issued from projects that have been in operation for at least five years.

Developers who want to issue JCRs through the JustCarbon platform must also have their projects certified by a third-party organization such as the CCBA. This ensures that the credits are independently audited and represent robust climate action. Through the JustCarbon platform, businesses can now easily and quickly calculate their carbon footprint and purchase JCRs. 

3. Creaticles

Through the platform, users can easily source custom NFTs through contests, which are designed to allow them to submit their ideas and have the opportunity to win the chance to design and produce their own customized NFTs. The platform is powered by a traditional RFP model, which allows users to submit their ideas directly to the artists on the platform.

Once the user selects their preferred NFT, they can be remunerated in Ether and later, the creator’s native utility token, CRE8. All NFTs purchased on the platform will be immediately transferred to secondary marketplaces, allowing artists to earn more money from their work. The goal of the platform is to make NFTs the center of the creator economy, as the demand for high-quality art continues to grow.

4. Pyypl

Pyypl is an international blockchain technology company that provides financial services and digital payments for smartphones. The company was founded in 2017 in the United Arab Emirates to serve the region’s 600 million smartphone users, who are still without financial services. Despite the high internet penetration rate and smartphone penetration, many people still lack the necessary financial tools.

Through its platform, Pyypl can connect smartphone users with the formal financial system. Its card services have been used by thousands of merchants globally.


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