Instagram vs Pinterest: Which Social Media Platform Is Better For Fashion Brand Owners?

The current world serves as a digital platform for all individuals encircled by the business industry. As per the evolving rules of marketing, the promotion of your venture is possible in multiple ways. 

Advertisers often ask the question about Instagram vs Pinterest while selecting social media marketing for their business.

This competition gets interesting when an entrepreneur plans a strategy for fashion brand awareness. You may able to take sides by reviewing the details discussed below. Notice the features of both the channels and decide which one can help you promote your coupon offers successfully.

Instagram Vs Pinterest: How Can You Differentiate?

In the modernizing era of artificial intelligence marketing, it is difficult to decide the best social media channel. Nonetheless, in the case of fashion brand owners, Pinterest and Instagram serve as the optimum platforms. 

While Instagram has a massive following of 1 billion active monthly users, Pinterest owns 320 million monthly active users too. However, you do not choose the two channels for their popularity. Instead, they operate through images and attract the audience through it. Interestingly, this feature is enough for a fashion advertiser to compete between both.

Finding the Purpose

The purpose of following people on buy instagram followers differs from that of Pinterest. You can look for your objective of selecting any one of these platforms for your fashion brand. Analyze if your product is worth the advertisement plan and proceed.

Pinterest followers are severe and engaging. They keep looking for new products and details on the platform. You can promote DIY ideas, home décor tips, hacks, and relatable posts here. Users search for content through specific keywords on this channel.

Instagram, on the other hand, visually attains followers. You just have to upload a picture making sure it looks appealing and wait for results. A single image in this channel gets massive likes without mentioning any content details. 

Focus On the Audience

For selecting any social media channel for business promotion, one must learn about its audience. It is mandatory to understand that quality is more substantial than quantity in this case. Regardless of having a vast number of users on Instagram vs Pinterest, marketers must know the nature of the audience.

Instagram has an even ratio of male and female users being 48% and 52%, respectively. Therefore, unisex fashion brand owners will always target this channel for generating traffic. Also, gender-oriented business ventures can consider it as an excellent shopping platform.

Pinterest, in this case, owns a massive woman following with 71% of female users, with only 19% of males as per Statista. On this channel, a better idea is the advertisement of recipes, hacks, tricks, and any other products that can create interest in women.

Sharing Website Links

Sharing a fashion brand through social media means utilizing your website links as much as you can. This strategy generates maximum traffic quickly. In this case, Pinterest serves as a better platform for link sharing while Instagram reacts differently.

On Pinterest, you can quickly simply share multiple website links in one eCommerce post. It also provides a visual image search feature through which users can hold down on any pin to come up with related product suggestions. This attribute makes the channel more shopping friendly.

Nevertheless, Instagram does not allow you to share links in the post unless you own a paid campaign. A user can only add a site link in their bio instead of the original post. For individuals with more than 10,000 followers, the app allows you to add a link in your IG stories with the swipe up feature.

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Utilizing the Hashtags

If you are aware of the social media marketing strategies and types, hashtag marketing will be a familiar term. People are confused about sharing hashtags on Pinterest vs Instagram. However, competition is quite visible if you observe carefully.

Hashtags are one of the most popular promotional tools on Instagram. The feature of the following hashtags on this channel has increased their use among people. It is not easy to specify the long list of hashtag types on this platform. You can use fashion keywords firmly by transforming them into long-tail hashtags.

The use of these tags on Pinterest is not restricted. You can add multiple hashtags in pins too. Nonetheless, the search behavior of this channel does not support the utilization of hashtags. A pin can reach your target audience if you label it correctly.

Sharing Video Content

When it comes to video marketing in the current era, things are continually advancing with technology. Those who are not fond of using Pinterest may not know its new features. In the previous version of this channel, advertisers were not permitted to share any video content through pins.

However, with the enhancement in Pinterest, users can now add visuals on the platform too. Thus, it is becoming similar to Instagram and allows marketers to share product clips, DIY tips, tutorials, and similar ones. Also, fashion brand owners can upload videos for clothing and appearance hacks.

Now, Instagram is an exclusive channel to opt for video content marketing. Marketers can utilize videos in plenty of locations here. You may like to post product visuals by means of IGTV (Instagram TV), stories, and feed. 

Works for Phones and Desktop

The most important reason that adds to the race of Instagram vs Pinterest is the use of both the channels on different gadgets. You cannot use every social media channel on desktop and smart phones too. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram is not functioning properly on the desktop.

You can use Pinterest on desktop and mobile firmly. Both the devices allow you to post pictures on the channel in the same manner. However, while using Instagram on the desktop, you are bound to engage in a conversation and upload content. It is only possible when you operate through a smart phone.

Instagram Vs Pinterest: Which Do You Think?

Using Instagram vs Pinterest has plenty of benefits for all fashion brand owners. The primary use of both channels is dependent on the category of your business. You may also use the two media platforms together.

Primarily, you can consider Pinterest as your optimum means of marketing if you wish to generate more traffic. Nonetheless, Instagram is beneficial if you want to create a brand image and get famous.

Author bio: Steve Martin is a digital marketer who works for Affiliate Marketing platforms | Zing Flowers Discount Codes . A writer by day and a reader by night, he is striving to make the most of the new opportunities that come in his way and excels in everything he does.

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