Innovative Technology Improving Workplace Health And Safety

Around 2.3 million women and men around the world sustain a work-related accident or disease every year, the International Labour Organization estimates. Improving workplace health and safety can prevent employee accidents, increase productivity and employee morale, and even save businesses money. With the help of the latest innovative technology, businesses are improving standards of health and safety and successfully reducing injuries and absences among employees. 

Improving posture

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are on the rise, accounting for 33% of all workplace injuries. MSDs are commonly caused by repetitive tasks like lifting and carrying, and typically result in time off work, medical expenses, and lost wages. Fortunately, technology is being developed to decrease the risk of MSDs. For example, Matvisio offers software that identifies poor posture in employees. It helps employees to correct their posture accordingly in order to avoid injury and feel better. Additionally, 8sense manufactures sensors that clip onto clothing and chairs to monitor employee movement and posture. It then provides Spine health  tips on how to avoid back pain. 

Mental and physical health 

Technology is also helping employees to maintain good mental and physical health at work. In particular, Padoa creates software and smart devices that monitor health statistics, including, blood pressure, BMI, hearing and vision. Smartfuture is going one step further to provide physical health kiosks in the workplace. Employees can check their own blood pressure levels, glucose levels, and electrocardiography data throughout the day. The kiosks also give tailored health and nutrition advice. And, to improve mental health, Unmind’s online platform lets managers track employee stress and anxiety levels. It then advises managers on how to best support their employees. 

Getting legal help

If an employee does sustain an injury while on-the-job, it’s important that they get professional legal help to properly understand their rights, and ideally, this will be with a local firm. An injured worker in Florida, for example, should consult an Orlando lawyer, who will be well-versed in the local laws and health and safety policies of the area, while someone injured in LA would be better off consulting someone based in the California area. An experienced lawyer can help determine who’s at fault and help injured employees win financial compensation to pay for medical expenses, ongoing medical care, and lost wages. 

Improving workplace health and safety is essential to protect employees, as well as the overall profits of businesses. With the latest technology in place, employees can benefit from a safer, healthier, and more engaging workplace. 

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