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Innovative Restaurant Management Software

LS First refer to a comprehensive management system that assists in effectively managing your restaurant operations. This retail ERP in Saudi Arabia system manages your operations within a single platform. This restaurant POS software KSA provides a complete restaurant solution that can streamline all your enterprise’s operations. Various large restaurant chains make use of integrated applications. Consequently, these organizations can easily check what is going on in the business. This problem is solved by LS First system that is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations.

Firstly, a superior service is a major benefit of LS First. This restaurant POS software KSA offers a comprehensive solution that results in really quick service. It provides the necessary functions to fast casual restaurants managers for their day-to-day operations. You can get all the tools for your restaurant chain so as to be efficient, thanks to LS First.  The system involves restaurant and kitchen management functions, superior enterprise resource planning tools, and powerful POS terminals. LS First is made as an all-in-one restaurant software solution. It helps you in getting a better and clear overview of your whole enterprise. This is because all the relevant information is kept in one single database.

Secondly, the LS First system is available in the cloud and on-premises. You can choose the deployment and setup model that is most appropriate for your financial condition and business needs.  LS First for restaurants can be found on on-premises, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 software as the ERP. The implementation of the on-premises version of the system takes place in your own environment. This provides you with an opportunity to have full control of each and every aspect of the system. LS First Hospitality can also be found in the cloud as an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. So it exists as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Thirdly, LS First allows you to have control with centralized management. It allows you to attain a real-time overview of POS terminals, inventory, sales and staff across all the available channels. The system offers you the opportunity to centrally design the POS interface in accordance with a location. You can update prices and food information directly from the headquarters thanks to this system. You can get a powerful insight into the working of your business with powerful business intelligence tools. Creation of deals updates right from the headquarters becomes a convenient and easy task with this system. Also, scaling of the solution to expand the business can take place easily with LS First.

Lastly, satisfying the customers becomes an efficient task with LS first. A direct consequence of this effective customer satisfaction will be a sustained growth of revenues. This system allows you to build and maintain customer loyalty by facilitating superior customer service. The system makes possible rapid order-taking and rapid Point of Sale payment. Cross-selling and up-selling suggestions are available at POS. Speedy service is a major effect of LS First. This is because orders can be sent straight to the kitchen from the POS. LS First provides you with the ability to order by table or by the seat. Accurate nutritional information is available at POS. The system facilitates an omnichannel brand presence.


LS First is a comprehensive system that will simplify your restaurant chain whether it is fine dining, quick service, or casual dining. This retail ERP in Saudi Arabia system reduces the duplication of work and increases efficiency. This system will make streamlining of stock possible in a really convenient manner. You will also be able to perform your production and stock management with ease. The system will assist in catching opportunities as soon as they arise.

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