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To avoid nervousness during the day of IMO, it is advised that along with the practice, previous year questions should also be solved. Previous year paper for IMO Class 8 Maths 2013 along with the other last 5 to 10 years paper should be done, to be on the safe side. All the previous years appear can be easily downloaded free of cost. Try giving the mock test so within the time limit to judge and rank your performance. You can take the guidance regarding the strategy to your teachers and friends to resolve all your doubts. If you want to learn more about the IMO and olympiad, read this article till the end. 

IMOs and their importance 

IMO is the maths olympiad that is conducted under the supervision of the science olympiad foundation. This helps the student to expand their creativity along with reasoning skills and make them think out of the box. The major emphasis of this examination is to increase the mathematical and logical skills of a student. The paper also covers the part of mathematics that is included in day-to-day life. Many experts sit and analyze the way the paper should be formed. Class 8th students can give the test to examine their rank in both national as well as international levels. Before appearing for the paper you can always go through the step-by-step guide of the answers so that you know the methods that can be used to solve other problems based on the same pattern. This will increase your chances to get a good rank by many folds. Along with the mathematical and logical reasoning, the creative aspect of the question is also taken into consideration. All of this will increase only when you devote time and solve problems based on the same aspects. This will help you gain confidence and now even if a twisted question comes on the same pattern you will be able to crack it. 

How did the previous year’s question paper help?

Solving the previous year’s papers of IMO can be helpful. For the convenience of the students, the papers can be easily downloaded along with a detailed explanation of all the answers. You can take home tuition or several other courses are also available that can give a proper guide and they take care of each student. You can also ask them your doubts so that you can clear them before the final day of the exam. Try solving as many questions as you can relate to the topic. The questions may not be repeated but the pattern of the sections remains the same. You just have to properly analyze the pattern of the question paper, which sections are you comfortable with solving, and which are your weaker sections. Try to highlight them. Along with the regular practice of the mathematical part if some things need to be memorized so you can make mind maps and flashcards so that all the concepts can be remembered by you. Try using those explanations of the question papers that are more oriented to the exam and also provide you with little tricks to solve the questions in less time. You can even get separate concept-wise questions of different sections that will help you prepare with more strategy. 

Things that should be remembered while preparing

Some of the below-mentioned tips can be used to increase your chances of getting a good rank:

  • Take small breaks in between your study sessions so that you can feel refreshed after every break and study with a more focused mind. 
  • Do regular exercise or some physical activity so that you are always filled with more energy, this will increase your concentration span.
  • Take proper sleep, don’t compromise your sleep as this can make you confused about small things. These silly mistakes can bring your rank to a large number. 
  • The mock papers or previous year papers should be solved when there is one month left before the exam. You have to complete the syllabus by then at least once. 
  • You can set targets both weekly and monthly and see your growth, if you think you might be sacking then change your study routine. 
  • Pick up your peak hours of study to go through the topics that are difficult or you haven’t touched them even once. 
  • Try to start the preparation from the beginning itself so that you are not burdened by the school work and the preparation. 
  • Keep a stopwatch with you so that you can track the time it takes to solve each question or each section. 
  • First, go with the section you are best with and then later move to the weaker sections, this will help you to save time. 
  • Another thing that can help you is that you can study along with your friend by setting a regular target and making sure that you both reach the target in the specified time. But make sure that you two don’t become too competitive and start judging each other as everyone has their own pace to learn. 
  • Devote equal time in preparation of each section, although the achiever’s section has each question of 3 marks the weightage is somewhat the same.


Taking out time for things other than regular academics can help a lot in improving and inculcating various types of skills in a child. This can be the first national/ international level of exam that the child must be given, it will surely boost their confidence. All these analytical and problem-solving skills can be helpful for further use also, as it is not the bookish knowledge but the applicable part is more important. This is the reason the child should start preparing for the exam from the very starting and try to inculcate the habit of sitting for a longer period. The concentration span can also be increased by regular meditation and focusing. The article will surely help you focus more on your studies and get a good rank in IMO. 

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