How to Use Bubble Wraps for Packaging?

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bubble wrap 1183728 1280

Bubble wraps got popular during 60’s when it was used by IBM for protecting computers while shipping.

Learning to use bubble wraps correctly will help you in protecting your breakable and valuable products during transit. Basically it used to serve as a cushioning to the items during transportation. It is very important to know the correct way of using bubble wrap to save your fragile items from damaging.

But what makes them so special? Why is it needed for packing sensitive & breakable items? How to use bubble wrap rolls for packaging?

The secret of using bubble wrap is unfolded below – just keep reading.

Use Flat Surface while packing your Items

You need enough of the bubble wrap to cover your product completely at least twice. Be generous with the bubble wrap if you are packing up highly fragile or priced items.

Bubble should be facing upwards

You might have noticed that one side of the bubble wraps are flat while the other side comes with tiny bubbles. A common mistake that people generally make while packing products is keeping the side with flat surface against their products and the side with bubbles on the outside. However this does not provide the cushioning, which it is specifically used for. And therefore, by keeping the bubbles side outwards you are not taking the complete advantage of bubble wrap. 

Secure it tightly

Bubble wrap provides reliable protection and absorbs shock greatly if the item is dropped or other products hit and slam against it. Hence to ensure the efficiency, make sure you secure it tightly at the ends with tape so that it stay securely during transit. 

Also remember that one layer of the bubble wrap will only provide a single protective coating, hence it is our definite recommendation to use multiple layers to provide efficient cushioning. And do not forget to secure with tape.

Use Right Size of Wraps

Large: Large bubble wrap is used typically for packing big and heavy items such as furniture and for padding large boxes – it easily fills a lot of empty space and adds significant amount of cushioning for your products.

Small: The most commonly used size of bubble wrap is 10mm but you can find these in 3mm size as well. Small size wraps provide against scratches & other exterior damage. It is used generally for glassware, electronics and a lot of delicate and sensitive items.

Anti-Static: Irrespective of the grade and size, anti-static wraps are used to protect electronic items such as computers, TV’s and cell phones. It dispels static charge by protecting the very sensitive chips.

Bubble wrap envelopes: Flat items such as books, frames, CD’s, etc. are best packed into bubble wrap envelopes. These provide best protection to your breakables and are easy to seal.

Considering all safety measure for your valuable and fragile products, bubble wraps are your best bet. Pack your items efficiently and rest assure for the safe transit!

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