How to Turn Cricket Betting in a Lucrative Hobby

So, you want to make a bit of extra money by doing a spot of cricket betting? We might be able to help you by sharing with you some great tips. However, before we go ahead and do that, we need to emphasise one thing. Making money by online cricket betting, or betting on any other sport for that matter, is very hard. A lot of people try it, but few make the type of money that they want. If you think you can sign up with a bookie, place some bets, and watch the cash roll in, then you might as well stop reading. Being a successful sports bettor takes skill and a degree of luck, so read on to find some very useful tips. 

Read Books

When it comes to sports betting, there are three books that we would like to recommend to you that you take the time to read. These three books were recommended to us, and they have helped us an awful lot in the past. These three books are:

  • Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting written by King Yao
  • Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street written by Elihu D. Feustel
  • Sharp Sports Betting written by Stanford Wong

Please not that these three books will not make you a huge winner over night, nor will they give you a step-by-step guide to winning at cricket betting. However, they will almost certainly help your creative juice flow and show you how people have beaten sports betting in the past and what you should be looking out for. We need to stress here though that these are dense books, so do not rush and take some notes. 

Multiple Accounts

When it comes to cricket betting tips, one of the best ones that we can give you is that you should open multiple accounts. Now, we are not saying that you should try to open multiple accounts at the same bookie as this will lead to trouble, but you should have an account with at least three different bookies. 

The reason for this is that sports betting sites do not all offer the same odds for the same markets. Therefore, if you want to bet on a cricket market, before you go ahead and place your bet, you should take the time to look at the odds that each bookmaker you have an account with is offering. When you have compared the odds that are on offer, you can place your bet with the bookie that is offering the highest odds. By doing this, you will be making sure that you get the highest profit possible whenever you place a winning bet, whether that be on the Indian Premier League or any other type of cricket match. 

Bankroll Management 

When it comes to sports betting, you need to have good bankroll management if you want to be successful. If you go ahead and put all of your money on one bet and it goes on to be a losing one, then you have shot yourself in your foot before your gambling session has well and truly got off the ground. When you enter a cricket betting session, we recommend that you place no more than five percent of your budget per stake that you make. 

By doing this, you will still have plenty of chances to recuperate any money that you lose should your bet go on to be a losing one. We probably do not have to tell you this, but you should never bet with money that you have set aside for more important matters such as rent, utilities, or food. You do not want to be without a roof over your head simply because you decided to place your rent money on a cricket bet. 

Do Plenty of Research

Whenever you are betting, whether that is on cricket or any other sport, you can always just jump straight in and place a bet if you like but doing this will just lead to you losing money more often than not. This is obviously something that you do not want to happen all of the time. 

Many bettors just want to make their bets and sit down and enjoy the action. However, to improve your chances of winning, it is imperative that you do some research about current injuries that a team has, what the weather will be like for the duration of the match, the form that players are in, and what the pitch is expected to do. Yes, you might think that this is an awful lot to look at before placing a bet, but if you want to be successful and make money from betting on cricket, then you have to put the extra work in. 

The fact that there is so much work to do in order to be a really successful cricket bettor is one of the main reasons why professional cricket bettors are very few and far in between. 

5 Top Tips To Find The Best Online Bookmakers

Choose Your Bookie Wisely

Nowadays, there are so many sports betting sites out there that it can really be tricky to find one that is perfect for you. However, while most sports betting sites that you will come across online are legit and safe, there are a number that have been set up for the sole purpose of scamming people out of their hard-earned money. Winning money is always great, but it means little if the bookie you have an account with does not pay out. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of great cricket betting comparison sites out there that have their own team of experts that will put all their knowledge together in one place to help you find the best cricket betting site for you. All of the best ones will have plenty of reviews for you to read so that you can determine which sports betting site suits you best. 

Avoid Sports Picks 

Many sports bettors pay a lot of attention to sports picks, but we suggest that you avoid them because they are usually a miss. It is easy to get taken for a bit of ride when the handicapper says he has a 95% winning streak when it is only over their last 14 matches, and not over seasons as it should be. 

Also, something else that you must think about is that there is no incentive for these people to teach other bettors how to bet or tell them the best bests to make. This is because if too many people bet one way or the other then it will push the lines and impact the price, making things harder for professional bettors. 

So, we would recommend that you stay clear of picks because by not losing money you are saving money. This, in our eyes, is also a win.

To Sum Up 

These are just a handful of tips that can help you make more money when betting on cricket, but you need to keep in mind that absolutely nothing is guaranteed when you are gambling, no matter what the sport is. You will have periods where you land plenty of wins and periods where you lose a lot and start to question why you still bother. The most consistent and best cricket bettors only win around 60% of their bets, so if you are new and are breaking even then it is a pretty good start. If you are willing to put in the work, there is no reason why you cannot make some extra money by betting on cricket.

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