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How to score full marks in class 10Board exams.

Class 10 board exams are very important and the scoring can be good if equal importance is given to all the subjects. The student should have the proper focus from day one with the proper plan and strategy. 

Tips to prepare for the board exam.

Once you know the syllabus make a proper timetable. Specify the topic and the subject for each day. This will make your study preparation punctual and systematic.

Designate the place and time.

Set a place and the time for your regular studies.  Standing in the same place and at the same time will help you to be disciplined and focused.

Stay away from distractions.

 Make sure the place you are studying is away from any distractions.

Know your strengths and weakness.

Know the topics which need more time so focus and devote more time to those topics.

Prepare notes.

Prepare notes regularly when you read the chapters. Your notes should contain important keywords.


Revise regularly and thoroughly. This is very important as you go further you should not forget the previous chapters. Subjects like maths and science where there are problems involved has to be worked out regularly.

Solve the previous question paper.

Once you have completed the syllabus. Ake sure that you start solving the question paper one by one of all the subjects. This will give you the exact idea of the exam pattern and also help in time management. Evaluate your answers with the NCERT solutions or the textbook. Clear the doubts and rectify the mistakes.  You can refer to CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 PDF.

Don’t study for a long duration.

Don’t continuously study for a long time. Take breaks in between so you get motivated and feel fresh when you come back.

Have proper sleep.

Never stay awake and study. This will not help you but will spoil the next day schedule also.

Hav proper sleep and a healthy diet. Be energetic so you are active to take th concepts clearly.

Be positive and think positive Study with focus and dedication. Especially subjects like Mathematics and Grammar has to be practised regularly.

Below are the tips that are to be followed according to the subject.


Mathematics is a high-scoring subject and you need to be clear about the concepts and start practising more and more different problems to grasp the subject. Sometimes you might not be interested but once you start solving the problems the interest will develop and you can score well on the board exams.

Tips to be followed.

Write down the formulas and theorems in a different copy so that they can be revised every day .

  1. Practice enhancing speed and accuracy.
  2. Avoid careless mistakes.
  3. Solve the previous year question paper.
  4. Improve the time management skills.
  5. Work out each problem in the textbook.


English is a language but if properly prepared can score full marks.  Follow the below tips which will help you to score well in the language.

  1. Grammar should be focused and practised.
  2. Read the chapters thoroughly and practice writing.
  3. Solve the previous year paper.
  4. Write essays on different topics.
  5. Pay attention to the punctuation.


All three editions are in the single book. Science is all about concepts students should read the chapter and understand th concepts. Focus and practice diagrams and learn to label properly.

Social Science.

  1. Below are the tips for preparing social science for class 10.
  2. Read chapters and understand the content.
  3. Note down the important dates and the events.
  4. Practice the maps thoroughly.

Tips to follow during the exam.

 Read the question paper.

The first thing to do is read your paper well and understand and know the marks against each question. The answer should be relevant., 

Take a few minutes and analyze the questions.

Analyze the questions between the tough and the easy ones. You can start answering in an orderly manner. If you are planning to answer any questions later you can leave space and continue.

 Don’t worry if you come across the tough ones

Sometimes it might happen that you see some tough questions and panic. Don’t agave to it is just a moment you might feel that way. Once you start writing you will remember. It will initially seem to be tough but there is nothing to worry about. Just close your eyes for a few seconds you will start recollecting everything.

Start with the easy ones.

Start answering the easy ones first then go to the tough ones. Complete the easy ones neatly. Let your answer sheet be presentable.  When you do this way you will be confident and the rest of the questions will be answered smoothly.

Track of time.

When you start answering the questions make sure you keep track of the watch. This is very important. The moment you think that the time is passing you can just hurry up. Try to complete at least 30minutes before time.  You can utilize the time for revising the answer sheet. Don’t get panic and answer wrongly. Be calm and relaxed.

 Thinking too much

 Don’t think too much about anything. Just focus on the answer sheet and the answer, Write neatly and systematically.

Don’t write long answers unless it has been asked. Answer relevantly and correctly.


Once you have completed the question paper it is very important to revise the answer sheet.


 Select the options smartly. Select the ones which you can write perfectly.

Use simple words.

Don’t use complex words make your answer simple and follow the ord count.

Neat and clean.

Write neatly and legibly. Neat answers are always impressive. Write your answer in neat handwriting. Follow the punctuation properly. 

Conclusion Class 10 board can be prepared well if a proper study plan is done according to the syllabus and followed properly and regularly. Be positive in the approach and don’t start at the end. Start the preparation early so you have enough time.

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