How To Safely Distribute Marketing Brochures Amid COVID-19

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The use of brochures is an effective marketing tool for business. These tell a brand’s story to current and potential customers. Apart from investing in quality brochure design and print, distribution is an important consideration. This is true especially during the current times where people are conscious about their health. Coronavirus has made people very careful about what they touch. The virus stays on surfaces for some time. It is important to distribute brochures to the target market without worry about spreading COVID-19. 

Safe Ways To Distribute Marketing Brochures Today 

In The Reception Area

The reception area makes the first impression of a brand to visitors. Well, it is a wonderful spot to welcome guests and to showcase the company appealingly. Placing brochures on the reception desk or counter makes distribution easy and safe. The acrylic brochure stands sitting on the reception counter makes an attractive display. Alternatively, freestanding stands placed on highly visible spots around the reception make it easy for a visitor to pick out. 

No one who comes to reception misses to grab a nice looking brochure and get an insight into the company. As a safety measure, it is important for everyone to pick a copy of the brochure without putting it back on the stand. Although it increases brochure production costs, there is peace of mind that the nest person picks a fresh copy. Additionally, placing hand sanitizer for everyone to use before picking a brochure is also helpful. 

Attaching In Packaged Orders

Today, business depends heavily on online transactions. Few people are making trips to brick and mortar stores. Therefore, when dispatching orders, it is a great idea to include a brochure inside the package. Ensure to team up with one of the best brochure printing companies for quality brochures. The ideal printing company should have highly skilled graphic designers to create eye-catching brochures that customers won’t ignore

Brochures need more than an attractive message or promotion. Effective brochure marketing requires using brochures with high resolution. This requires entrusting a highly professional team that pays extra attention to all the fine details during the design and printing process. With this, investing in brochure marketing certainly pays off when a customer opens their package. The first thing they will do is go through the attractive brochure before checking the contents.

Coordinating With Business Partners

Successful business owners have connections in the market. Well, there have the potential to expand the market base. Coordinating with business connections can help have marketing brochures reach more people. A good head start is collaborating with businesses offering complimentary or related goods and services. These can place the brochures in their store since customers might be interested in a related product or service. 

Customers would certainly love to get recommendations from a brand they trust. The catch is the willingness to offer quality to avoid denting the reputation of the referral company. With people making less trips to their favorite store, this collaboration increases the visibility of a brand’s brochures. It also ensures that the brochures reach the target market for more effectiveness. 

In Point-Of-Sale Channels

Businesses have different point-of-sale channels including direct and point of purchase. Well, these are great for brochure distribution. The effectiveness of using point-of-sale channels for brochure distribution is accessibility to current and potential customers checking out a company’s products or services. Additionally, people looking for information about the company end up in the point=of-sale channels. The rule of thumb is to use the most relevant channel where most of the business customers prefer. 

In Shopping Malls and Business Centers

The number of people visiting shopping malls and business centers significantly reduced because of COVID-19. However, these are steadily picking up as people learn to cope with the “new normal”. So, malls and busy centers are still effective for brochure marketing. In addition, these are great spots to reach the ideal market. There is a need to distribute the brochures in places with people likely to be interested in the company’s products or services. 

Therefore, targeting and market research is very important. Racks are convenient for people to pick a copy of the company’s brochure. Alternatively, having a sales team is also relevant. This requires ensuring that everyone wears gloves and a facemask to give people picking the brochures peace of mind about their safety from COVID-19. 

Some of the reasons to continue using brochures include:

  • Personalizing a business
  • Holding a lot of information
  • Ease of distribution
  • Cost-effective production
  • Building trust
  • Establishing brand authority 

Bottom Line

Brochures do so much for a business. So, it is very important not to skimp on printing. Poorly printed brochures dent brand credibility. Enlisting the services of professional printing with experience in brochures is a wonderful solution. This allows getting quality brochures for distribution through coordinating with business partners, including in packages, or at the reception area. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, safe brochure distribution ensures the safety of customers. 


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