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How to remove McAfee products with the help of McAfee Removal Tool?

McAfee is a famous security program that is best known for network protection. McAfee has a large number of downloads and satisfied customers. This antivirus plan offers you all the best and most advanced tools for keeping the device secure from all the dangerous threats. Malware infections are increasing day by day. McAfee antivirus also regularly updates and upgrades its plans to prevent new threats. McAfee antivirus is available for your PC, macOS, and phone devices. When you install your McAfee plan, it provides you a year subscription. This subscription tells you about your McAfee plan and features. You can use all your McAfee antivirus features until you have a license. But once your McAfee license gets expired then you have to renew the McAfee subscription to use the features. Renew McAfee subscription free allows you to use the advanced tools of McAfee antivirus on your device and secure it from the threats.

Renewing McAfee antivirus

Some plans of McAfee antivirus allow you auto-renewal. If your plan comes under auto-renewal then it will get renewed before a month of expiry automatically. All the payment will be done with your credit card. But if your McAfee antivirus plans do not have the auto-renewal feature then you have to renew your McAfee antivirus manually. McAfee starts sending the expiry warning notifications a month before the expiry date. When you see the warning notification; you should immediately renew your McAfee plan. Many people think that every renewal will lapse the remaining days. If you renew your McAfee plan 30 days prior then these remaining 30 days will get added on your new McAfee plan. When you get the renewal pop-up; click on it. You will get redirected to a renewal page. Enter the billing details. Check the details carefully and click on the renew button. The renewal process may take some time. Wait until you get a confirmation message on your screen. Now open your McAfee dashboard and go to My Info page and check your subscription. 

If you want to use the other plan of McAfee antivirus then you can easily upgrade your McAfee antivirus plan. But before upgrading your McAfee antivirus plan, you should remove the installed McAfee program. If you don’t uninstall the previous McAfee plan then you may get issues while installing the new plan.

Uninstalling McAfee antivirus with McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool

You can use this tool only on Windows devices and you have to install its new copy every time you use this tool. MCPR tool only removes those files which are required for reinstallation. Here are the steps for using the MCPR tool:

  1. Download the MCPR tool from the McAfee website
  2. Go to your downloads and double-click on the MCPR.exe file
  3. You will get a security warning
  4. Click on the Continue button
  5. McAfee Software Removal screen will appear
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. EULA page will appear
  8. Click on Agree button
  9. Security Validation screen will appear
  10. Type the characters and click on Next button

Once complete then click on Removal Complete option. After uninstalling the previous plan of McAfee antivirus; download and install the upgraded McAfee plan. You should also update your McAfee antivirus regularly. Whenever you see any McAfee update then download and install the update immediately to keep your device secure from the latest threats. 

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