How to Prepare for Winter Storm in Houston?

Winter Storm

Last year, the people of Texas suffered a lot due to extreme cold weather. Many of them lost their lives and property. Freezing rain, cold, snowfalls, and other conditions during the winter create havoc across the state. If you live in Houston city of Texas and want to know about the upcoming weather condition in Houston, then this guide will help you. 

How to prepare for a winter storm in Houston? Many citizens of Houston city ask this question as they had seen nature’s fury last year during the winter season. Most citizens want to know about the weather condition during the winter season so that they can plan things. Let’s find out the answer now! 

Ways to Prepare for Next Winter Storm 

Last year, over 4.8 million Texans lost electricity and over 200 people died due to extreme cold. To help people know about the weather data we have prepared a list of tips to know before the winter season. 

Why collect the weather data? 

Thankfully, we have the latest technology devices that help us know about the weather condition of the upcoming days. Weather data helps us know about weather forecasting in particular regions or cities or states. It also helps us know what to do in advance. If you want to keep yourself safe during the extreme cold of the upcoming winter season, then follow this list and start the preparations! 

1. Know your priorities 

Prepare yourself well before the winter season. How can you prepare yourself in advance? The answer is by knowing the weather data. Additionally, keep an eye on the winter storm advisory, winter storm warnings, etc. by the authorities. Weather data and other weather-related warnings help us prepare things in advance. 

2. Stay Alert 

Check local weather reports to know about the condition weather in your city. You can make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Radio, or any other device to have the access to local weather reports. You can follow their social media pages for regular and real-time updates. 

3. Collect Essential Supplies 

There are many things that you should collect before the winter season begins. Prepare a list of things that are needed every day and collect the same in advance. Here, we have prepared a list of essential things for everyone during the winter storm. 

Food and Water: Make sure you have enough food and water, at least three-four days of supply for each of your family members. 

First Aid Kit: Medical Clinics and pharmacy stores remain closed during such extreme weather conditions. Make sure you have the basic medicines or buy yourself a first aid kit from the nearest medical store. 

Batteries: Keep extra batteries for your equipment and devices. If you have smoke detectors or carbon dioxide detectors, or whatever equipment, keep one or two extra batteries to keep them running at least for 2-3 days. 

Have Power Backup: Establish solar panels on the roof or in the garden, and buy inverters or small generators with enough fuel to last for three-four days. 

Manage Energy: Learn to conserve energy during the winter season as powerful equipment cause your electric bills to go up. In this case, you should keep an eye on saving your energy charges. Turn off unwanted electric devices and equipment to save energy. 

Keep Food Stocks for Pets: If you are a pet lover, make sure you have enough food stocks for them as all types of food shops remain closed during these days. Keep packaged foods for your pets that last at least for 4 days. 

Fill up Your Car: In case of immediate evacuation, your car must have enough fuel. You have to keep enough fuel in your car so that you can easily move to a safe place if evacuation becomes necessary for you. 

The Bottom Line: 

These are some key pointers that you should know about to keep yourself safe during the winter storm and extreme cold. Make sure you collect the right weather data reports, follow local news, keep local weather reports, etc. It helps you know what you should do or what you should prepare in advance during the winter season while living in Houston city. 


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