How to Make Money Fast

Make Money

The most efficient ways to make money fast and everything you need to know about the process. 

Times can be tough. For most of us, having insufficient funds available to us is going to be a problem at one stage or another. There’s often times where we just need some money and need it quickly. A quick one-off payment can be a massive advantage to people. This can help pay towards a new car, an anniversary present, or even towards a mortgage for a house. 

There are various ways to get this quick influx of money. Here are some of the best methods to follow to help you get a crucial and timely cash injection. 

Selling Old Books and Games on Amazon 

This might seem like a method that won’t lead to much money, but you’d be surprised. Amazon is usually the first place most people look when they need something. As well as the fact Amazon makes it really easy to list up old books and games. 

What seems like junk to you might be someone else’s treasure that they’re willing to pay a lot for. These could be old college textbooks that have a high value, for example. They can often come in very expensive for students, so you selling them online for $5 cheaper on Amazon is something they could grab at and help you make a quick buck.

Old video games can often hold massive value too. Especially on old consoles, some fan-favorite games will also go for a decent amount online due to their rarity. For any of you who used to be big gamers in the past, you could have dozens of these just collecting dust.

Selling Your Car

This might seem like a drastic step to make some money, but if you’re looking to upgrade your current car or are putting a deposit on a home in the city, it’s a very viable option. Selling your car will provide a quick way to get significant amounts of cash into your hand. 


So what’s the best way to go about selling your car? That is to go to an instant car buying company. They buy and sell Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and many more great car brands. These brands usually have a very fast processing, making it a great option for making money fast. 

Selling Old Tech and Gadgets on Craigslist

This is probably a good medium ground between the previous two suggestions. Your going to get a decent sum of money for something less valuable than your car. Selling old tech and gadgets is a great way to get money quickly. By parting ways with your old smartphone or tablet, you can see a decent amount of cash flow in. Even if some of your gadgets seem broken and useless, people online will buy them. It’s a common move for people to buy broken gadgets, fix them up and resell tech for a higher price. Which is something else you could look at for making money if you have the skills needed.


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