How to make gable boxes?

gable gift boxes 1 1
gable gift boxes 1 1

The holiday season is about to start. Christmas is coming, and you must be worried about how to make your loved one happy with a beautiful gift. Well, there is nothing to worry about. There are several ways to make gable boxes. If you are planning to present your gift in the gable gift boxes this holiday season, then you are in the right place. You can now make your own box with a simple DIY method.

Gable boxes are considered one of the best boxes. These boxes provide you several different ways to design them. You can make them in any type and style you want. Not only are these boxes perfect for gift purposes, but these boxes are being used in so many other forms as well. Their boxes are being widely used in the food industry. You may have seen these boxes at the bakeries as well. The window in the box helps you to see the product packed inside. In this way, they are perfect to be used as display boxes. Moreover, you will get to see these boxes at the retailers’ shelves as well. So, in short, these boxes have wide uses.

Steps involved in making the gable box:

Getting a custom gable box from a highly reputed packaging company like RSF Packaging is surely the best option. But why experience the packaging expense when you can make your own box with simple and easy steps. Here are all the steps described in detail that is involved in making the best gable gift box.

Get the template:

You may or may not know that most custom boxes are based on templates. You don’t have to exhaust your brain cells to get to the blueprints of packaging design. All you need to do is finding and download the most suitable template online.

Print the template on your paper

There are many ways to put the template on the cardboard. You can use butter paper to get the template printed, you can draw according to the guidelines and template, or you can simply use a printer to get the printing on the cardboard.

  • Size matters: 

Most templates are small, and you should handle them according to the size of your packaging. Use the ruler to adjust the size for accurate length, width, and height. Make sure you know the required dimensions. You must change the sizes as soon as you download the template.

  • Cutting of template:

Remember that you use scissors and scale tactfully to make sure you cut the right size. Otherwise, you will get incorrect angles and a very raw cut that would not be very suitable for your purposes. Cut the cardboard according to the desired size and template.

  • Knowing the shape:

Let’s not forget that a gable box is actually a box that is locked to the right and left and, therefore, has a mechanism that needs to be adjusted correctly. You need to cut the box correctly to lock the right and left sides of the main part of the box to make it a gable box.

  • Glue all the sides:

Once you have achieved all the lines and made the famous Gable holes to form the handles on the top of the box, it’s time to glue all the sides correctly so that the box gets in shape. Apply glue or double-sided tape to the sides of the box to glue one wall to another until you get a square or rectangular box. This will form an automatic background. You can now send your flat boxes, and the receiver can assemble them with pressure.


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