How to Increase Sales Using Content Marketing in 2020

Content marketing is explained in various ways by several people. However, in my humble opinion Content Marketing Institute provides a clear definition of it: it says “content marketing as a strategic marketing approach that focusses on the creation and distribution of content that is relevant, valuable, and consistent.”

The objective of content marketing is to lure the target audience and convert them into valuable long-term customers. There are many kinds of content marketing we can use to increase sales, ranging from videos, images, and infographics to e-books, and so on.

How to Increase Sales using Content Marketing 

Are you observing a new lot of followers visiting your website as a glass protective film supplier? If so, then you will want to convert those users into buyers. However, many of us feel confused about how to go about this conversion process. This is where content marketing comes to the rescue.

Here are five ways in which content marketing can be used to increase sales in 2020: 

1 – Understand the Sales Funnel

It’s important to understand the sales funnel. The numerous stages of sales funnel are interest, awareness, intent, consideration, evaluation, and purchase. 

Firstly, a customer stumbles across your brand. If they like your brand, they develop an interest in exploring more about your company. Then comes the consideration part. Here, they ponder about to see themselves making a purchase. After that comes the part of providing the reasons why they require your specific products.

Then comes the evaluation phase, While evaluation, they go through your products, thinking about what to purchase, and finally end up completing the purchase, which is the last stage of the funnel. 

These final stages need to employ your content marketing tactics to convince buyers that your products are exactly what they need.

2 – SEO-Centric Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to spread your content across all search engines. If the content created is SEO-optimized, it magically increases the odds of it getting searched. 

To start the process of generating SEO based content, you need to find the keywords that are most related and trending in your field. You then should proceed to insert those keywords throughout your content. Consequently, its visibility enhances on search engines like Google. 

It is necessary to ensure that you don’t stuff those keywords into your content. Otherwise, Google will ignore you as a brand, which is behaving like a robot. The trending keywords should look naturally added that is only when the content seems organic. Keywords addition to your Meta descriptions and titles is important too so that the users/readers can see it when they search that keyword on Google.

3 – Curate Relevant and Trending Content

It is not enough to just start making content. You also require to research contents that are currently trending. You must know what your target audience wants to know or read about. If you merely create a blog and start curating posts that you think are worth it, that won’t take you towards the road to success. Instead, you need to exploit the interests of your customers.

To do that, it is necessary to search the trending topics. Also, search what your competitors are posting about, the content your fellow brands are using, and so on. Once you do this research, you should proceed to publish content, which is relevant to your customers. The researched content also provides them with information that is not available somewhere else.

For example, if you have a glass protective film brand, you can give those tips regarding how to protect your smartphone screen. If you have a bookstore, then perhaps an Instagram or Facebook post about the binge-read books of 2020 will work. You can also offer a link to your blog post that goes around the books in detail.

4 – Content must contain CTA 

When you talk about increasing sales, call-to-action (CTA) is an important component to take care of. Whenever you discuss a topic in any content that applies to your products, adding a CTA is an excellent option. 

For instance, if you are a brand that deals with makeup, and are talking about beauty products, you can add at the end of your blog post, saying, “If you want to buy our products, go and check out our ABC website …” 

It’s about how you mix CTA in your content that looks enticing enough for your customers to click on the product. However, you must ensure that the CTA blends seamlessly with the content, and doesn’t seem too overpowering or cumbersome.

5 – Add Testimonials

Whenever you want to buy any product, the aspect that encourages you to get it is the positive reviews you see from other customers. So, a content marketing element that is sure to increase your sales is the customers’ testimonials. In addition to customer testimonials, you can choose to add examples of how to use your products.

You must ensure that you add testimonials to your website so that they look visible to your target audience. Testimonials serve as social proof and showcase thorough dedication towards providing maximum customer satisfaction.

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