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How to Find Out the Bank by Account Number

A bank account is an account that is opened with a financial company to store and use cash. Accounts are opened for both individuals and organizations. The opening procedure takes no more than 10 minutes.

How to decrypt a bank account?

All bank accounts consist of 20 digits, each of which has its strict meaning. Even though information is always presented as a single number, all numbers are divided into specific groups.

Account decryption 111 22 333 4 5555 6666666:

  • 111: The first three digits reflect who opened the account. According to them, find out the name of the bank in which the account is opened will not work. This information is disclosed only upon request from law enforcement agencies.
  • 22: Reflect the specifics of the client. According to this information, information about the bank also fails.
  • 333: With this combination, you can easily understand in which currency the account is open. For example, 810 is the dollar account familiar to all.
  • 4: A special verification account that banks use when accepting payments.
  • 5555: This group of numbers reflects the branch of a financial company in whose office an account has been opened to a client.
  • 6666666: The last figures, this is a special combination, individual for each client, which is an account.

It turns out that you can find out information only by the numbers that are included in the “5555” group. This will require:

  • Call the toll-free number of the support service of each bank;
  • Sound the combination and specify the office address;
  • If available, get information.

How to find out which bank has a BIC account?

If you have a bank identification code (BIC), you can quickly get information in which bank and account is open. USAA Routing Number  The BIC consists of nine digits, with a specific structure:

  • If the first digits are 04, this means that the bank is located on the territory of the American Federation, since this is the code of America.
  • The third and fourth digit is the territorial code that is attached to each financial institution.
  • The fifth and sixth positions reflect the Bank of America division. Numbering can range from 00 to 99.
  • The last three digits reflect the division of the bank. The value is set in the range up to 999.

To obtain the information you will need to do:

  • find on the Internet a site that offers free and instant information by BIK number;
  • enter BIC in the section “Search” and click “To find”;
  • Get information in minutes.

How to find out which bank has a TIN account?

As a rule, to transfer funds, in addition to an account, an individual taxpayer number (TIN) is required. If available, you can quickly find out the name of the bank to which the account belongs.

The TIN of a financial institution consists of 10 digits 11 22 33 333 4where:

  • 1 – indicates the subject of America;
  • 2 – the number of the tax office through which it received a certificate of activity;
  • 3 – individual taxpayer number;
  • 4 – verification code.

To obtain the information you will need:

  • Through a search engine on the Internet to find a site that offers you to determine the bank for free by the TIN.
  • In the “Search” section, indicate the individual number and make a request.

How to find out which bank has a PPC account?

When transferring money to a third-party bank account, in most cases a checkpoint is requested. The code consists of 9 digits. Each digit has its meaning. Decrypting them is not very difficult.

  • 1,2 – indicate the code of the subject. The decoding of all values ​​is published on the website of the Federal Tax Service. For Moscow, the value “50” is defined.
  • 3.4 – code of inspection of the federal tax service. Knowing them you can find on the website of the tax office and through the menu “Contacts” to find out the region where the lender is located.
  • 5.6 – indicate the reason for registration. “01” means the location, while “06.07.08” means the place of registration.
  • 7,8,9 – reflect how many times a financial institution has been registered for various reasons.

If available, you can easily find out which bank is being transferred. This will require:

  1. Through a search engine on the Internet, find a portal that instantly offers information.
  2. Enter the information in the search section.
  3. Request information.
  4. Get information online.

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