How to Donate in Someone’s Name as a Gift to a Charity and Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering supporting a charity? You can donate to a charity in someone’s name as a gift, and making a charitable donation in someone’s name is a great way to share the feeling associated with doing good. 

There are several reasons to donate to a charity in someone’s name. The primary reason is that a charitable gift significantly impacts the charity and shows the person you are donating on their behalf how you honor them. Here is everything you need to know about donating in someone’s name.

How to Donate in Someone’s Name as a Gift to a Charity

Charity donations are a perfect gift, particularly to people who do not need pressing material goods. If you wonder if making a donation in someone name is legal, it is entirely legal to donate in someone’s name

But, all the details you fill out when donating will not be entirely their information. It is easy to make donation on behalf of someone; just follow the steps below.

1. Select Their Favorite Charity

It is best to discover the favorite charity of the person you are donating in their name. If you find it challenging to locate a particular charity that means something to them, consider their interests and hobbies. 

Children lovers will appreciate donations to charities that provide vegan meals for hungry children worldwide, while animal lovers will appreciate donations to charities that care for animals.

2. Research

The second step to making gift a charity donation to a charity is performing research. Get in touch with the charity and inquire about their policies concerning donations in someone’s name. 

Sometimes, these policies will be available on most large charities’ websites. If you still have questions after your research, you can call the charity for help in arranging your donation.

3. Make a Donation

After researching, go ahead to make your donation. Most charities accept online payments by debit or credit card, although you may send a check for smaller organizations. 

You must keep your donation record even when it is in someone’s name because you can deduct the donation on your income tax return.

4. Notify the Person in Whose Name You are Making the Donation

The next step in donating is sending a notification to the person you are gifting. If it is a memorial donation, you can notify their next of kin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Donation in Someone’s Name

Making donations to a charity in someone’s name as a gift is a rewarding process because it honors the person you are gifting and provides help for the charity. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding donating in someone’s name.

1. Is donating in honor of someone a good gift?

A person’s age is an excellent way to determine if a donation in their name is a good gift. For instance, young ones finding it difficult to understand the concept of a donation in their name will likely not appreciate the contribution. 

You can still make donations in a child’s name, although it is advisable to purchase a small toy as a follow-up gift. However, a more mature person who understands the beauty of a gift donation will appreciate the assistance.

2. What does it mean to donate in honor of someone?

Donating in someone’s honor does not mean the donation comes from the person. Instead, the donor wants the contribution to be connected with a particular person. You are giving to a charity with the person in mind. 

Usually, you will get to select if you want the donation letter/plaque to say “in memory of” or “in honor of.” If it is “in memory of,” that means the person has died, but the latter often means that the person is still living.

3. Can I write off the gift on my taxes if the donation is in someone’s name? 

Yes, so long as you have the receipts and correct information, you can write off donations to charity that are made in someone’s name. A variety of factors cause tax deductions for charitable giving to vary. 

These factors include donation type, country, and the charity receiving the donation. Ensure you review this suggestion with your advisor or accountant if your situation requires particular materials.

4. What is the content of the donation letter? 

After making a charitable donation, you will often get a letter thanking you for the gift. The name of the person you are honoring with your donation will appear in the letter. 

However, you can write a letter for the honoree of the donation if you do not receive a letter. Some things to include in the letter are information about the charity and the donation usage. Ask if their name is associated with a plaque or anything besides monetary assistance.

5. What is the easiest way to donate in someone’s name as a gift to a charity?

The process of donating in someone’s name is simple, as outlined in this article. When you want to start, most charities provide a space to fill out the details of the person you are donating on their behalf. 

If the charity did not provide an option for the details of the person whose name you are associating the donation with, send them an email or put a call to them. Charities are often glad to make the necessary adjustments.

6. How can I present the gift of a donation to someone?

After discovering the gift recipient’s favorite charity and making the donation in their name, the next thing is to figure out how to present the gift. Depending on what accompanied your assistance, there are some options to explore. 

If the organization sends you freebies like stress balls or t-shirts, wrap these gifts with the donation letter and send them to the recipient. However, if you only get a donation letter, package it in a nice envelope and send it. 

You can also choose to design and send a letter with free designing websites like canvas, informing the recipient that you made donations in their name or honor.


Are you ready to donate in honor of someone? A donation to Food for Life Global is a great way to honor someone while helping provide vegan meals for hungry children worldwide. 

Following this step-by-step guide on making donations in someone’s name makes the process less challenging and exciting.

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