How to design the landing page appropriately in 2020?

Some things may determine the user’s initial opinion and view of the site, and these are all summarized on the landing page. Therefore, everyone who is interested in the opinion of the user or the customer must know how to design the landing page properly.

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For this page to succeed, you should focus on more than just beautiful design or simplified steps. Rather, it is necessary to gather on the landing page the most important things and appropriate content with a design that is “qualitatively comfortable” for the viewer.

What is a landing page?

Before we get into how the landing page works and designs, we need to clarify what this term means and where it is on your website.

Quite simply, the functionality of the landing page is limited to one task, which is to provide the user with specific information that helps them to continue and go into the site. This certainly depends on the purpose and quality of the site. This information may be a specific line, a sales announcement of some kind, or another opening for the site.

Designing a landing page is not an easy thing, but here we provide some steps to help you get started in this work to develop your website appropriately.

Relying on strong titles

A good landing page relies on an attractive language, and that starts with strong headlines.

The address you use must be related to the reason the user entered the page, without any unnecessary misleading or additions.

You must build this address on the mindset of your users or clients, that is, that the address is clear and serve the desired purpose by clarifying the image or idea presented.

Focus on “calling for a specific action”

Regardless of the importance of the headline, the focus on “Call To Action” is extremely important. Except for e-commerce sites, the purpose of this step is to “convert” the user to make a specific order.

You will find that making some changes to the title and the “call to action” step will have a major impact on your website. This requires a lot of testing on your landing page, and you should consider these things when you try the “call to action” experience:

– Buttons: You have to try a lot of different font sizes, colors, words used, and the right place. Note that the words used must be related to the desired purpose and also indicate the specific value.

Registration form: Make sure that the form is as simple as possible. It is limited to requesting the data that you want from the user only because the user will likely stop registering if the form is relatively long.

Clarification of the required value

When it comes to landing pages, users will likely continue the process if the value is shown from the start. Adopt expressive and explicit sentences and do not be afraid to repeat the reminder of the value in more than one place on the page and the appropriate places for this matter.

Ensure that you gain the user’s confidence by clarifying as much as possible, that is, to state to the user what amount of money is required or how long the process will take.

And do not underestimate the value of using the appropriate language, as it is best to address by using terms such as “you and your company”, rather than “we” or “you”, to better influence the user.

Besides all this, be honest with everything you say.

Make sure that the landing page is “clean” and free from unnecessary issues

The landing page does not have to be a mirror of your website, so when you design it, get rid of all unnecessary bugs and issues. That is, you do not have to use extra or side links or the like.

Ideally, the only button you need is the record button only, and the “exit” button for users who are not interested in what you offer. Both of these buttons should convert the user to an appropriate page on the website.

But of course, you may sometimes need to add some basic links like terms and conditions, privacy policy, or buttons for posting to social media. In this case, choose the appropriate location for these links so that they do not interfere negatively with the user’s view on the landing page.

Use a template or illustration

The main goal of the landing page is to “convert” the user into a customer. Accordingly, the way the landing page is designed should convert the user to interact with “call to action”.

It may provide all the necessary and necessary things, but if the design of the landing page is unclear, it may cause confusion and the difficulty of interaction with it by users, and thus reduce the possibility of “conversion” required. From this standpoint, you have to be careful to design a page as desired by the user and thus make it easier for him to understand and interact with it.


When you start working on your landing page, you should know that there are only a few perfect landing pages. These ideal pages are the result of months (or even years) of continuous work and experience.

This effort and work seriousness should be applied to your landing page. And always be ready to modify or redesign some things on this page, a slight adjustment on the landing page may surprise you with the amount of turnout it adds to your page.

Do you have any experience in designing your landing page? Share your opinions about it in the comments box below.

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