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How to decide which is the best coaching institute for IAS in Chandigarh

IAS is the most competitive and reputed civil service exam that is held by the union public service commission (UPSC). As IAS officers are assigned with the tasks of the highest responsibility; their selection procedure is also full of challenges. Only candidates with the highest calibre and talent can crack the exams.

The IAS exams are tough. One needs to study hard with 100% dedication to crack these exams. The IAS officers play a key role in policy implementation and formulation on the state levels as well on a national level for the positions they are commissioned. 

There is many IAS coaching in Chandigarh that provide quality education to the students and help them to build the calibre necessary to become successful bureaucrats of the society. Following points must be assessed before joining an IAS coaching institute:

Past results: Evaluate and search for the recent newspapers and Google to get the list of recent toppers of the city. Also, find from where they have taken the coaching and the study pattern followed by them.

Faculty: After shortlisting some of the best coaching in Chandigarh. Look for the teaching panel in these centres. Highly skilled and experienced lectures are required who not only impart quality education to the students but also train them to become successful and brilliant administrators of our society.

Infrastructure: Visit the institute and look for the infrastructure facilities available there. Clean, nice, cool and comfortable environment and sitting arrangements create a more positive spirit and dedication among the students. Also, they must be well-equipped with the latest technology that aids studies.

Study material: The study material should be as per the latest guidelines and syllabus issued by UPSC. Also, it must have full coverage of the course in a very simple and understandable way. The study material should also be accompanied by revisionary notes and past exam questions and solutions.

Fees: Overall the fees of institutes are similar. But one must talk for extra discount packages and offers if any. Also, inquire if any additional facility or perk is included for students or not. Some institutes also provide scholarships for their bright students who otherwise cannot afford costly coaching.

Proximity to home: A lot of time is wasted in travelling from institute to home and vice versa. The time saved will increase the productivity of the student. Thus, the proximity of the coaching centre from the residence area can prove beneficial for the candidates.

Other activities: A successful IAS officer should be good in studies as well as must-have high morale value and skills so that the Indian administrative machinery can lay their trust in them. Also, they have key responsibilities on their shoulders that need officers to be experts in their respective areas. Thus, the coaching institutes must keep on holding extracurricular activities and the lecturers to try to teach these skills in them by assigning those different tasks and practices.

Sample tests: The institutes must take mock tests and formulate sample papers so that the candidates can be assessed before the exams. It helps them in the self-assessment so that they can practice more according to the results. Also, these test series help to boost motivation in them and remove exam fear.

Online education: The institutes must provide online coaching and study material as well. It aids the students from villages and remote areas to take coaching and fulfil their dreams. Also, if a student is not able to attend the lecture for some reason, he or she can get its backup online so that the course can be completed on time without any hassle.

These were some important points that should be kept in mind while searching for the Best IAS coaching in chandigarh. One must decide wisely as all the institutes try to give their best results. A wrong choice can ruin your career and the right choice can help you achieve great heights and become a successful servant of the Indian government.

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