How To Choose The Perfect Eyeshadow Colors According To Your Eyes’ Color

eyeshadow packaging boxes
eyeshadow packaging boxes

Every time you are trying to highlight your eyes with the help of makeup, pretty eyeshadow palettes come up as a fundamental element. As they said, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul,” and thus, bringing out their natural color will pop up your entire look. With the fact that there are various shades of eyeshadows packed beautifully in custom eyeshadow boxes available today, it’s essential to know how to choose the perfect eyeshadow colors that will match your eyes’ color, complement your style, and becomes the best look for the day. 

Which Shade Is Best According to My Eyes’ Color?

Women frequently make the biggest mistake of matching their eyeshadow to the colors of clothes they are wearing. This mistake should be avoided as this fashion faux pas might not be gratifying to your eyes. 

The best thing you should do is choosing eyeshadow that packed elegantly in eyeshadow packaging boxes to accolade your complexion, and of course, your eyes’ color. The shade should match with your natural eyes’ color, yet, it is not supposed to match it perfectly. For instance, if you have blue eyes and then you try to apply a blue eyeshadow color, well, your eyes will appear overcast.

Hence, choosing the perfect eyeshadow colors that match your eyes’ color is important. In fact, if you choose and apply the wrong one, it will conceal the natural beauty of your eyes, and worst, it might crash your fashion style.

What Is Your Eyes’ Color?

  • Green 

If you have gorgeous green eyes, you could go for colors such as purple, violet, plum, and lilac. To make a more unique look, you could apply brown with some gold or bronze specks in it.

  • Blue 

Blue eyes are known as a cool tone family. Hence, warm tones will give the best contrast to bring out the max look of your eyes. Go for earthy tones such as slate gray, and taupe. Or if when you want a brighter look, then you could search for details on custom eyeshadow boxes for the pink or rose colors. 

  • Light Brown 

Brown eyes are attractive, stylish, and like a blank canvas for you to decorate. Women with brown eyes can apply almost any color to make their eyes more hypnotizing. Colors such as golden or reddish-brown will add more complexity to your eyes. 

In case if you want to make a sexy and dramatic look, then go for dark hues. Applying pink or green eyeshadow will bring out the natural beauty of your brown eyes amazingly. 

  • Black

Black eyes are can also act like a fresh canvas that offers you various choices. The reason is due to black can form all the primary colors when it’s mixed. The best eyeshadow for your black eyes is a bold hue like cobalt blue as the contrast will pop up your eyes.

  • Hazel 

Hazel eyes are the middle crushed between brown and green, which simply means that you can use shades from both color tone families.

If you wish to highlight the golden tones of your hazel eyes, then go for eyeshadow that mentioned golden undertones eyeshadow with a little bit of yellow on its eyeshadow packaging to make your eyes become more sparkle.

  • Gray 

Gray eyes are rare, yet, there are various ways you could do to highlight them. Green, brown, or blue undertones are the best shades for gray eyes to bring out your eyes’ natural beauty. Plus, smoky shades are best for your gray eyes.

Wrapping Up

No matter which color that your eyes have, make sure to match your eyeshadow with it and create a more impressive outlook. Likewise, always choose the premium quality of eyeshadow that packed nicely in custom eyeshadow boxes to make sure you apply only the finest cosmetic items to your beautiful face. 

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With the fact that there are various shades of eyeshadows packed beautifully in custom eyeshadow packaging boxes, it’s essential to know how to choose the perfect eyeshadow colors that will match your eyes’ color. 


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