How to celebrate the quarantine birthday of your loved ones

Coronavirus has hit our lives most unpredictably. We are forced to isolation and lockdown to save ourselves from getting infected. With the medical experts predicting this pandemic to end by mid of August and thousands of people being affected every day from this deadly virus, we are left with nothing but quarantine and hygiene standards to come out of this pandemic and stop the spreading of Coronavirus. 

Birthdays come after a long year wait. They are the most awaited source of happiness. Birthdays are the day meant to be celebrated and cherished. But with the current prevailing conditions where social distancing is a preventive measure and unnecessary outdoor activities are prohibited to stop the ongoing pandemic, we are left with no other way then to celebrate the special day at our home with our beloved families.

Here are some quarantine ideas to make the birthdays of your loved ones a cherished and mesmerizing day.

• Plan the day with fun filling events and activities. We all have gotten bored with this daily routine and staying indoors has affected all of us to a certain level. With some indoor games like ludo, uno, housie, monopoly, dumb charades, etc you can plan the day accordingly and give a little tincture of fun to the celebrations.

• Add sparks to your celebration plan with a special handmade card that has the wishes and blessings of everyone cast on it. If you are short of time to prepare the card or you fear that you won’t be able to make it a deal of surprise then go for online specialized cards that are open to home deliveries and offer same-day delivery. 

• Blossom and fragrance the event with the blossoms. Flowers can be the most beautiful and sorted gift in this quarantine period. You may not be very sure about other online deliveries and gifts available around you due to lockdown but you can easily arrange a bouquet of birthday flowers and make your loved one feel special. Get flower delivery in Gurgaon on same-day with BloomsVilla where you can choose the bouquet of your choice and budget from a range of beautifully handcrafted bouquets with customizes services. 

• Bake a cake for the birthday celebration as birthdays are incomplete without birthday cakes. Reach out to new recipes of baking and get a sweet cake prepared. You may place an order to get a fresh birthday cake delivered at your doorstep with BloomsVilla as they follow proper hygiene standards and same-day delivery.

• Prepare a favorite dish of the person whose birthday you are about to celebrate. Put as much as a possible effort to keep it a healthy and delicious one. You may add on some sub dishes with it to make it look more appealing and lovely.

• Work on the decoration part as all your efforts may go in the drain if you skip this part for the celebration. You don’t have to make it a very grand spectacular birthday decoration but try to make it a lovely and cherished one. You may arrange a few lightings and flowers for the celebration. Decorate the walls with handmade birthday string or paper cuttings. Get all possible birthday decoratives delivered at your home from BloomsVilla amid lockdown.

• Invite your close friends and family to join you through video calls and make the celebration more mesmerizing and meaningful. Set up the music box and dance-off to the beat with your family members or siblings. Make the most out of this quarantine time spent together in making memories as you may not get a long duration of a holiday like this easily. 

• If you are looking for a present for the special occasion then get a personalized photo book, soft toy or teddy bears, sketches, a bouquet with a handmade chocolate & order flowers online, or get a complete box of dry fruits and other possible gifts.

Your emotional and physical investment during this quarantine will always be a mesmerizing memory for your dearest one. Even if you can’t manage to get all the above-mentioned ideas done it won’t matter until you manage to make out the most from your situation. I hope now you can manage to turn the upsetting quarantine birthday of your loved ones into a fun and lovely blast. 

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