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How technology has made preparation for competitive exams like OTET more convenient

Earlier everything needed to be done in person. Every paperwork was done in hardcopy, and we needed to travel back and forth to get things done on time. Need to pay the electricity bill, get in the line. Need to buy some product, visit the store. Need to pay for goods somewhere, keep the cash ready.

The times changed, technology bloomed, and nearly most things are accessible through the taps and clicks of our fingertips. And this is a blessing in a pandemic situation when stepping out of the house is risky and not recommendable.

With everything else, learning has taken a more convenient twist. Many eLearning portals have bloomed, and we cannot blame anything because it is in a way more accessible than any other. Schools, colleges and offices have chosen the safe and affordable manner; work from home or study from home. 

And when we speak about learning, we don’t just talk about schools or colleges but also higher education, especially the competitive exams. 

Let us see how competitive exams like Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test have benefited from the improvement of technology.

Checking the upcoming exam dates

Gone are the days when the updates related to any opening or exams were only printed in newspapers or the sources to know the application dates were limited. Nowadays, candidates can check every update related to OTET online. There are many reliable websites which fill in the details of the exams.

Verifying if one was eligible

When we speak about the advertisement regarding the opening and exams, there were many myths and miscommunications. And worse was if it was mouth publicity. But not now; portals like Testbook provide factual information.  

One may check the eligibility regarding the age, nationality, educational qualification etc. and send an application right from when they are available.

Application Process

The application process is smooth as anything these days. Aspirants need not travel to booths with a pile of documents in hand, getting them photocopied and filed. The submissions are all online. All one needs is a properly scanned copy of documents, signature and source for the payment. 

But the drawback here is the documents need to be scanned and should be in the given format before submitting; otherwise, the application might be rejected. 

Salary and job profiles are known to everyone

Salary is a big decision-maker when it comes to a job opportunity. When a candidate opts for a job, he surely wishes to get a secured future with a good package. 

Fortunately, now a candidate may check the approximate pay scale offered for a position before applying. The job profile and the responsibilities that come along with it are also clarified on the websites. This ensures complete transparency for the aspirant.

One can study anywhere, anytime

E-learning portals have made things easier for the candidate by offering budget-friendly online tutorials for the OTET. A candidate can simply enrol through the websites or the apps and study as per their convenience, on their own space. 

The exam papers of previous exams are also available for self-practice. Mock tests provide an in-depth idea of the exam structure and help in planning time management strategy. 

Getting your Admit Card is not a big task

Once a candidate has filled up the application successfully and approved, it is not a hard step to print the OTET Admit Card. However, one must always check the details on the Admit Card. For example, the Name, Contact Details, Signature, Roll number etc., everything should be checked before printing.

If any changes are required, immediately bring it to notice, and it can be sorted. 

Checking the result is just a few clicks away

A candidate need not check notice boards or newspapers now, unlike earlier. One may just visit the official website, fill in the credentials and the results are on display. 

One may even check with the answer key about the marks he/she missed or one that went wrong. Even if the first attempt fails, the candidate can reapply once the following dates are disclosed.

With so many benefits, technology has undoubtedly become humans’ best friend. Most of the time, it saves time and effort, but it is a safer option during such a pandemic without missing anything important.


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