How Remote Working Can Motivate Employees

samuel pereira

Running a company from a distance is difficult for one person, so when you have a whole team to manage who also work remotely at no central workspace, getting the balance right can be a challenge. Many more companies are embracing remote working opportunities or flexible working between an office and at home. Keeping productivity levels high and employees engaged is something employers are concerned with when remote working, but it can help motivate them even more. Here are a few ways remote working can benefit your employees and help them feel motivated.

Bring Team Building to Them at Home

Whilst the focus is on work and productivity, this can only be achieved if your employees are engaged and still feeling as part of a team. Team-building exercises at work would sometimes involve days away from the office, so because they are remote, why not bring the motivational fun to them virtually instead? There are many online events that can be easily organised to provide further opportunities that would otherwise only be achieved by travelling somewhere. This will help with comradery and bring the team closer together, providing further motivation.

Zero Commute Time

Depending on how far your employees live from an office space, they may have had to commute each day for work. This would extend the day and sometimes cause extra stress if it takes longer than usual. Remote working solves this issue and reduces the commute to wherever your employees are based. This will help them start the day in the right way and feel motivated without worrying about any traffic issues, train delays and more. 

No Office-Based Distractions

An office space can be full of distractions, from ringing phones to staff members talking amongst one another. This can cause productivity to drop when being constantly distracted by what’s going on around you, so remote working allows employees to find their own quiet space to work in. With no other staff members around, employees can focus and feel much more motivated to be as productive as possible throughout the day.

Saving Money

Another good reason for remote working that will motivate staff is having more of their wages available. The cost of commuting to a workplace can constitute a huge part of their salary each month and year, from train season tickets to petrol for their vehicle. As they won’t have to travel each day, the money saved will provide added motivation that their outgoings are reduced. If employees regularly spend money each day on food and drink when at work, the savings to be made here will also quickly add up, providing a positive feeling for staff.

Mix of Video and Calls

The pressure for employees to always be present and show their face at work is unavoidable when in an office environment, so remote working allows this feeling to be reduced. For more introverted staff, remote working can provide more confidence and mean they will feel more motivated. There still needs to be some face to face communication, so arranging regular video meetings will ensure employees do not feel isolated and can see familiar faces from colleagues. Used as a motivational tool, productive video meetings will help improve remote working conditions and energise staff.


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