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How Much Has the Black Widow Costume Evolved Since Her First Appearance in Movies?

There has always been a debate on Marvel VS DC comics. Well, let’s keep that debate aside and talk about the amazing superheroes and characters that the Marvel Comic Universe has given us. There are so many characters including, Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ant-man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and so many more! Each of these characters have a different essence that they bring to the screen. Not forgetting the amazing performance of Star Lord and Doctor Strange in Avengers; Infinity War. 

The character Black Widow has been one of the most amazing yet consistent female characters in the Avengers series. The character has a dark history but has always fought to eliminate the bad and save the world in all cases. The character Black Widow is played by the beautiful, talented and gorgeous Scarlet Johansson. The new Black Widow movie is in the making and we can guarantee that the movie will be worth all the hassle. The new movie is initially being released on 6th of November 2020. The movie got delayed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. 

The movie is solely based on the character Black Widow and takes place in the past. We have seen Black Widow sacrificing her life in the movie Avengers; End Game. The scene when she and Hawkeye time travels back to get the soul stone, is the scene when Black Widow sacrifices her life to get the stone in order to bring everyone back from Thano’s snap. Black Widow has always been the favorite female superhero in the MCU. 

The character, performance and attitude of the character made us fall in love with her. Another most important aspect that plays a role to portray the Black Widow character perfectly is the Black Widow Costume. The first appearance of Black Widow in the movies of Marvel Universe was in the movie Ironman 2. Black Widow was, at that time, a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Costume in Ironman 2

When we talk about the Black Widow Costume, we cannot ignore the first costume worn by her in Ironman 2. This was one of the most iconic and sexiest costume of Black Widow. This costume was known as her signature costume. It was black in color and had perfect fitting that would help her in combat. Over the years, many costumes have been changed of the character but she still tries to go back to her signature costume since it is what the audience loved her the most in. 

Costume in Avengers; Age of Ultron

Avengers; Age of Ultron was the second part of the Avengers series. The character had her costume upgraded in the movie. She has one of the coolest costumes of all. Her all black signature color along with the prominent wrist band of ‘widow’s bite’. The costume of Black Widow had blue colored lines lining the torso as well as her arms. 

Although, the blue linings wasn’t that prominent in the rest of the costumes of the character. As per the audience, it really upgraded the factor of coolness in the character as well as differentiated the character from the rest of the team. 

Costume in Avengers; Infinity War

The costume given to Black Widow in the movie Avengers; Infinity War was different and one of the best ones. The costume had a unique touch of green color that is not commonly associated with the character although, made a perfect costume highlight for her. The fitting of the costume was better than before and with the tactical support and constant weapons carried by Black Widow, it seemed like she was perfectly ready to go for a war, anytime, any day. 

Costume in Avengers; End Game

Avengers; Infinity war has given Black Widow one of the best costume yet. The amazing color, design, and style of the costume gave it a better look than the rest of the costumes. The new wrist bands and the utility belt gave her a look different than a spy and more like a team leader. The costume reflected a touch of maturity and elegance as compared to the first costume she had in Ironman 2. The costume is one of the best ones up to date. 

Costume in Black Widow (movie)

The movie Black Widow has shown several costumes worn by the character. The new designs, stylish and elegant styles and the costumes that look combat suitable. The character seems like ever-ready for any war that comes her way. 

Most of Natasha Romanoff’s costumes show her stealth and combat suitability. The character has grown a lot as compared to the first appearance in the movie Ironman 2. The costumes in Black Widow is said to be the best Black Widow costumes yet. 

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