Let me guess; you must be a new blogger in the industry? A business owner whose most of the customers are made by converting through blogs? Then this may help you learn more.

Blogging is a lengthy process and also requires a good amount of patience. You cannot ascertain the growth of a blog; there aren’t any tools or ninja techniques to do so. Most of these professionals ask this question – how many blog posts does it take to grow traffic? I know you have the same query and curiosity to know the answer to this question, cause that’s why you clicked on this article.

One cannot predict how much exact traffic a blog can attract or how much growth can be expected. Now, by this, I don’t mean to take blind shots. All I got to say is stay patient because it takes about a year or half of consistent blogging to perform. But just scribbling online isn’t enough. Here are a few factors which impact your traffic on the blog.

1. The competition game

Suppose you have a blog that talks about Health and Fitness. Then it would help if you considered that it is a demanded niche, and hence you have to compete with a ton of other blogs dealing with the same place. You can narrow down your niche to reduce competition or choose a low competency niche from the beginning if you are a blogger. After that work on SEO of your website and contents. Find more info on website optimisation with SEO to improve ranking.

2. Promotion

Social media, the cheapest and the most favorable place for marketing in 2021. How do you engage with people on your blog? Just promote it on Social media; that’s it. Social media provides you with paid and free promotion options with the help of sharing and collaborating. Please make use of it to your full advantage and see the drastic changes in your traffic.

3. The consistency factor

You publish a blog every two months and expect a good amount of traffic. Is it possible? This is a time when people need to see you after every interval or else they will forget you. Having consistency in your content will enable people to look at your title and the blog frequently, which may eventually help you get traffic.

4. Invite to your site frequently

Your blog has a purpose of serving that is to advise people to avail themselves of a product or service from your entity. Most of the young bloggers forget to make the code website visible on the blog. Make sure you mention the entity repeatedly and genuinely to get traffic to your blog and the leading site and help convert well.

5. Content quality

2021 is the age of content creation. But does all the content get the attention of the people? Before composing a blog, look at what your competitors say in the same niche, and then scale your content quality. 

So here is the most genuine answer to your question, how many blog posts does it take to grow traffic? And the factors which can help you increase the overall traffic rate.


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