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How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has gained popularity due to the increasing dependence of people on the internet. While it is still non-traditional form of advertising, it is being given first preference by many businesses. 

However, AI was not a part of digital marketing until recent times. The year 2019 saw a good number of enterprises embracing artificial intelligence to enhance their digital marketing strategies and effectively schedule their campaigns. Whether enterprises rely on their in-house talent or hire third-party services, it is more likely in the current scenario that AI is playing an active role in the process. 

Machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), market automation, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. are some ways in which AI is being used in digital marketing services. The data analytics tools available in the market, the insights provided by various social media platforms, etc. also use artificial intelligence in varying levels. 

In this blog, we listed some ways of effectively using  AI in digital marketing services to create a stronger and lasting impact on customers and capture new markets with relative ease. 

Content Creation and Curation 

By content creation do we mean that the software writes on its own? Yes. Though AI is not as advanced to come up with posts on its own, it sure can help collect the required data and provide an outline for a specific post. There are quite a few AI tools being used mostly by top news channels and broadcasters to write new articles that will generate more views and likes. Whether it is a new channel or a production company, the ultimate aim of sharing posts on social media is to bring more visitors to the website. Content curation is similar where related articles are displayed under the main article based on the user’s search history and reading preferences. 

Digital Advertising

Enterprises which are extensively using Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ads, etc. would already be aware of how things work. From carefully choosing the right keywords to creating an attractive ad that will bring more clicks and visits, every tiny detail has to be backed by proper research. Where does AI play a role? It acts as a collector and analyzer of user data (interests, age groups, locations, gender, preferences, etc.) so that the ads can be displayed to those users who are more likely to be interested in the products or services offered by the enterprise. And not just that, search engines like Google use AI system to auction keywords for ads so that brands with more conversion rates pay a lesser price for the ads. 

Customized Searches- SEO

Search engine optimization is taking the digital world by storm. Every enterprise is now making sure that the website is optimized for various search engines and works to attain a higher rank. The better the website rank, the more visibility. And since SEO is famous for bringing organic traffic to the website, it helps in increasing the conversion rate and improving sales. Enterprises can reach out to users with similar tastes while users can easily find the information they are looking for on the internet. Be it voice search, mobile marketing, or social media searches, AI plays an active part. 

Email Marketing is Still Effective 

Email marketing is an evergreen method that will always bring sales. The main reason enterprises fail to make the most of email marketing is their lack of research or focus on personalizing the emails based on user preferences. A/B tests are quite popular in email marketing. But they are time-consuming. AI provides a cost-effective solution in less time. By using various AI tools that analyze the tastes and responses of customers, enterprises can send emails with an attractive subject line, format, and content that will surely make the user check out the products.  

Chatbots and 24×7 Service

Digital marketing has brought customers and brands closer to each other. Being a two-way communication channel, it allows brands to directly talk to customers and vice versa. We see users commenting on posts and getting replies to their queries, complaints, and questions. AI in digital marketing services has taken this a few steps ahead by creating chatbots to interact with customers on behalf of employees. This made it possible for enterprises to provide answers to FAQs and register complaints at any point of time in the day. From websites to WhatsApp chats, chatbots can be used to provide an immediate reply to customers. 

Using artificial intelligence in digital marketing saves money for enterprises as well as time. When an enterprise can create a campaign that has the maximum chances of being a success, the risk of losses invariably goes down. Enterprises can contact AI development companies for more information about how to use AI in their marketing department. 

Basant Kumar
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