How I Left my Current Job and became an Artist-preneur

Artist-preneur, Yes that’s what I am today. Rather that’s what I liked to be called today. You know people will always say “Follow your heart” but this is the toughest thing to do in life. It takes a lot of courage to leave a well-settled job, lifestyle and to start an unsure career option. Today I became a professional Artist but the road was not covered in rose petals. There were hurdles in every step, but I never gave up and followed these steps

Determination: To be very honest with you, I was nervous and scared when I thought of leaving the job. I was afraid, How will maintain my lifestyle? But somewhere deep down I knew what I wanted to be, I always wanted to be an artist and I was determined to become one. So, I took the risk and left the job.

After taking the first step, I thought I am free to become an Artist now but life isn’t so easy. The next step was even trickier. I started painting pictures, things which came across to my mind but something was missing, my paintings weren’t speaking my thoughts. Gradually I lost hope to create something new and as a result the fear called ‘How will I survive?’ grew widely. 

NEVER LOSE HOPE: You have no other option, you have keep faith on your abilities, moreover on yourself. There is no point on losing hope after you took the risk. So be firm whatever the situation becomes.

The next step was to take the leap, it was coming out of my comfort zone. I tried to paint something which I never did earlier. This was the most crucial decision I had to make. Initially it felt weird I thought ‘How am I gonna pull this off?’ but later I realized until and unless my works are unique, I won’t get recognized.

Uniqueness: If you are trying to become a well-known Artist, try out unique styles, this make you creative on one hand and exclusive on other hand.

The last step was to advertise my works. In the earlier the only way to show paintings was to arrange an exhibition of works in an art gallery but recently posting pictures of paintings in different social platform are quite common. Initially I was confused and scared how the audience would take my artworks. I took a deep breath and uploaded one picture of a recent painting done by me and guess what it had more than 1000 likes within an hour. Now I kept on uploading pictures on a regular interval and each of them got very popular. Some of my followers even wanted to buy my paintings and thus I started earning.

Exhibition: If you want to earn as an artist you have to organize exhibition frequently, there is absolutely no other option. Promote yourself as much as you can and you will be able to earn by selling your own paintings. Take my suggestion and open a website where you put pictures of your paintings and give your contact details too.

This was my story from being an employee to an Artist-preneur. I guess by now all of you reading this got inspired. Please write your thoughts about this article on the comment section below. Wish you all the luck!!

Basant Kumar
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