How Can I Compete At Class 6 IMO Exam?

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The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a top mathematical Olympiad organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation for participants to provide the groundwork for higher-level mathematics coursework. IMO helps students develop their problem-solving abilities and logical thinking by presenting them with high-level thinking issues. This helps them plan for potential competitive tests. Mathematics fosters reasoning skills, creativity, critical analysis, and problem-solving ability. 

The IMO is composed of a set of training materials that include questions on topics such as triangles and elementary, numeracy skills, factors and multiples, integers, data analysis, and so on. Each topic is addressed with multiple-choice questions, and correct solutions with explanations are supplied. Many IMO books for Class 6 are designed to be visually appealing, with numerous images and teasers. Teachers advise pupils to practice all of the questions in this book. This also helps them perform well in their school tests. The material captivates the youngster.

IMO Class 6 Exam Pattern

The Olympiad test for class 6 serves as the foundation for competitive examinations. Parents must provide a solid foundation for their kids in the form of these tests. When students join class 6, they are required to answer additional questions than in prior classes. The time restriction, however, stays the same at 65 minutes. Students are presented with 50 questions divided into three portions. The first portion is the subjective pattern, which consists of 30 questions; section two is the High Order Thinking section, also known as the HOT section, which consists of 5 questions; and the third section is the basic reasoning component, which consists of 15 questions in total.

IMO Class 6 Section-wise Topics

SectionTopicsNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Section 1: Logical ReasoningVerbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.1515
Section 2: Mathematical ReasoningKnowing Our Numbers, Whole Figures, Number Play, Basic Geometrical Concepts, Whole Numbers, Understanding Basic Shapes, Fractions, Decimals, and Integers Mensuration, Ratio And Proportion, Data Management Algebra, Symmetry, and Applied Geometry2020
Section 3: Everyday MathematicsThis section contains the Curriculum of Mathematical Reasoning.1010
Section 4: Achievers’ SectionHigher Order Thinking Questions (HOTS)515

Tips For Solving Class 6 IMO Competition

Mathematics is a topic that many kids are terrified of. When it comes to competitive exams, most students become anxious even before they see the question paper. The IMO sample questions for Class 6 assist parents in preparing their kid for the Maths Olympiad exam so that he or she is confident. The exam questions are not tough, but they are conceptual. Students may learn about the types of problems to expect and the best ways to tackle them by using the IMO Class 6 2011 Question Paper.

1. Know The Curriculum

This may seem simple and unrelated to a tip, but failing to appreciate the importance of each section might be damaging to your preparation. The Maths Olympiad syllabus is extensive, and questions will come from a variety of areas. Knowing which topics are most significant and which are least important is vital when allocating time to your themes.

2. Understand the Level and Visit the Website

This is not your typical school exam. A more in-depth understanding of each idea is necessary, as well as a greater degree of academic and practical expertise. Continue to analyze and, if required, seek more clarification. If this is your first time participating in the Olympiad, or if the rules have changed, make sure you visit the website and are aware of the when and whats of the Maths Olympiad.

3. A Good Daily Schedule

Time is critical to the effectiveness of your preparation; commencing your preparation early will only improve your performance. Create a plan and split your time so that you can completely practice all of the topics. You can even make a good timetable to follow. Make sure that your school classes aren’t affected by that. Have a deep learning experience and if you’re facing any issue in preparing a good daily schedule then you may take help from your parents too.

4. Stick To Your Time & Practise Enough

You must stay focused and adhere to your timeline for the Maths Olympiad. Nobody is perfect, but this is a start in the right direction. Adjust your timetable if you need to catch up on any work that has piled up. Practice until you are perfect, or until you accomplish the goals you set for yourself for your IMO Class 6 Olympiad score. Every question and exercise has the potential to be practiced and developed.

5. Tests Are Important

Assessing yourself using online and physical exams promptly can assist you in preparing for any challenges that may arise during the Olympiad. Also, you can solve PYQs from 2011-2020. 

6. Consult Your Teachers And Stay Calm

Remember that, at the least of the day, your teachers are probably to be the finest sources of knowledge, since they have a good understanding of your strengths and limitations from educating you. Taking notes on your teacher’s recommendations will significantly improve your chances of success during your Math Olympiad. Tension will only hamper your perspective during an Olympiad. Find out what makes you relax, whether it’s taking deep breaths, going for a stroll, or drinking tea. It’s just another test; don’t let the pressure affect you emotionally.

Benefits of Giving IMO Class 6 Exam

  • The primary question paper is understood by the students.
  • The Sample Paper simulates the components of the main test.
  • It provides an overview of the kind of questions posed in each area.
  • Students get a sense of what to expect from the exam questions and the level of difficulty.

A Night Before The IMO Exam

After all of your planning, you don’t need to stumble at the finish line and undo all of your efforts just before the competition. Don’t do a lot of studying the night well before IMO. Instead, you can revise the main formulas and important concepts. You will have completed all of your tasks by that moment. Concentrate on relaxing and being in the correct frame of mind for the test. Also, make sure you get adequate sleep the night before the test and follow our other test-night instructions. Don’t squander your work and effort by staying awake late in the night before!


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