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How Authentic is Online Horoscope?


Astrology is an ancient science. It was developed by our ancestors, who learned through precise observations over long periods of time that the celestial bodies like the stars and planets had a lot of influence on the lives of the people, and the study of their placement and movements can reveal all important details about the people, their fortunes and future. And horoscope is the tool that enables this astrological study to be carried out. And thus, the astrological system involves essentially the study of the horoscope. 

Horoscope, the Astrological Tool

Horoscope is the natal chart or the birth chart. It is specific to an individual and maps the placement of the various planets, as found at the place and time of his or her birth, in a specified format. The horoscope is divided into 12 Houses, which correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is the time of the birth of a person that will decide where the all-important first of the 12 Houses, known as the Lagna or the Ascendant, will get fixed. Once this is plotted in a horoscope, all the other 11 Houses will follow serially. This sort of plotting of the 12 Houses will also decide which House falls in which zodiac sign.

Once the Houses and the signs are so fixed in a Horoscope, the position of the planets at the place, date, and time of birth of that individual is plotted in it. This will show which of the 9 planets is placed in which House of the Horoscope, and also in which degree, minutes, and seconds.  

It is this horoscope that is studied, the calculations are made based on its structure and the planetary placements in it, and the assessment and predictions are made accordingly. 

This astrological study can provide almost all information about the person- like personality, health, education, vocation, career, income, financial strength, marriage, marital relationship, children, family, quality of life, social status, achievements, setbacks, any untoward happenings, etc.   

This sort of analysis is also done in the case of a prospective bride and groom to see if their horoscopes are matching and find out if the two can make a compatible pair in life.   

It can thus be very well seen that the entire astrological assessments and predictions are based on the horoscope. Hence, the casting of the horoscope assumes tremendous significance in the entire astrological scheme of things. 

Online Astrology

The technological advancement has led to this ancient system of astrology, too, becoming tech-savvy. This has resulted in many astrological websites coming up, which allow people to avail astrological consultations online from the comfort of their homes. This makes available astrologers online so that people can talk to astrologer on phone or through Skype and receive guidance at their convenience and in confidentiality from these online astrologers.        

Online Horoscope- The Pitfall

Many of the astrological websites also offer the facility of the casting of horoscopes. For this, people are required only to provide their birth details, like the date, time, and place of birth in the specified columns, and the job is done. Looks impressive, isn’t it? But here lies the biggest catch!

This horoscope casting is done by softwares designed for this purpose. Just as numerous astrological sites are there, many such astrology softwares have also sprung up in the market, which are used by these sites and also individuals for designing horoscopes. But over time, it has been seen through experience that the accuracy of many such online horoscopes is questionable. It has been found to be especially so for the casting of the horoscopes of those born abroad. For, in these cases, the software has to take into account the concept of different times, daylight saving, wartime correction, etc., and here many softwares have been found wanting. 

Thus, when the authenticity of the software-cast online horoscope itself becomes questionable, how reliable can be the predictions made on the basis of such a doubtful chart?

The Way Out

This need not make online astrology itself questionable or doubtful. There are many accurate and highly reliable astrology softwares used by reputed astrological Websites and Portals, which have stood the test of time and proved their accuracy in all possible scenarios. AstroVed is one such organization, which uses very authentic softwares to provide online astrology and remedy solutions. 

People can utilize the services of such reputed websites and get their horoscopes cast through them. Then they can avail the facility of an online astrologer, then talk to astrologer, receive all the necessary guidance from the astrologer online, and make the best out of this ancient science.   

Author Bio

AstroVed (​) is an No. 1 Vedic Astrology and Remedies Portal that provides online astrology consultation, Moon sign predictions, Planetary Transit predictions, Astrology reports, Homam, Yantras and lot more.​

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