How are you losing money by using simple packaging for your pre-roll shop?

Pre-rolls have been significant changes in the life of marijuana consumers. Everything changes with time and consuming cannabis has changed a lot in the last few years. There are many reasons for this change; one of those can be medically approved cannabis for PTSD. Consuming marijuana was risky, but a pre-roll has solved many hazardous problems. It is a joint or rounds of cannabis that consumers prepare at the time of consumption. If you are not willing to roll the dose yourself, you may go to a nearby dispensary and buy a pre-roll. So we can say that a pre-roll can be your biggest help in the matter.

Consumption of cannabis has risen in the last years that raised the demand for pre-rolls. There is no doubt that pre-rolls are a game-changer in the sector of cannabis and marijuana. Pre-rolls emerged as help before few years and dominating all over the market now. At the very start, it was quite normal to sell simple packaging for pre-rolls. Still, with popularity and usefulness, every other company introduced its pre-rolls, and now a simple packaging for pre-roll stands no place in the market.

Pre-rolls are useful no doubt but selling them in simple packaging means devaluing the product here are few factors and features of pre roll packaging which elaborates how crucial is a pre-roll for your marijuana and cannabis – and why a simple packaging means wasting your money.

Convenience: The first facility a pre-roll provides is convenience. A simple pre-roll packaging means comfort provided at least numbers. On the other hand, a custom pre-roll is made exactly according to user needs. For instance, a medical marijuana patient ailing from chronic disease like inflammation in the body cannot take dose by themselves without pre-roll. A simple packaging will not provide them with the exact aid they are looking for, but a custom packaging made exactly for patients like them will work as a blessing. 

Likewise, think of a new consumer they will always go for the convenience provided at their best so a simple packing for your pre-roll will prove to be a wastage of money only.

  • Discretion is must:

The second benefit a pre-roll can provide is discretion. Cannabis and marijuana smell bad usually. Sometimes they smell like diesel, particularly the cannabis used for medical reasons doesn’t feel good. A simple pre-roll packaging only works wastage of money because it will not stop its smells and carrying them is not easy at all. Especially if you want to buy a single pre-roll, it’s harder to take it decently. Whereas custom packaging is chic and sometimes in the shape of cigarette boxes looks like – it helps not only in containing the smell but also gives a presentable look. A pre-roll helps you to avoid stinking like weed all the time, and rarely a simple packaging will restrain all those factors.

  • Quality matters:

The quality of pre-roll matters a lot, A simple pre-roll is made with a dry fast-burning shake. They are only hardly convenient but also present a rough look. Why would a person buy from your simple packaging pre-roll shop when they can easily go for custom pre-rolls?

  • Marketing tool:

This era is known as the era of marketing, and you might be spending a lot on quality. Still, unfortunately, there is less scope of marketing your cannabis and marijuana due to lots of restrictions and limitations. A pre-roll packaging can become one of the prominent stunts for marketing. You spent money on manufacturing pre rolls and there is no use of those packaging’s if people are not attracted to your product. A simple packaging might be convenient for habituating users, and if they are your regular customer, they might prefer your product. But a new customer or medical patient will always prefer the product with beautiful packaging. People tend to move toward things with more and more appealing characteristics.

  • Economical price:

Now a person can think that a stylish pre-roll can be expensive, but luckily it is not. You can get convenience style and restrain the odor at very economical prices. A simple pre-roll packaging might be lesser in price but provides you the least benefit. Marijuana and cannabis are also not expensive, and if you are going to buy something regularly, then you might consider many things along with price like durability and comfort in the long run.


Pre-roll packaging is crucial, and the needs of today’s cannabis consumer. But it is also important to spend your money wisely, a simple packaging might be convenient, but it lacks many aspects and proves to be a wastage of money. So it is better to move on with time and technology and select what’s best.

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