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Hiring An Experienced Car Accident Attorney In Phoenix Can Help You Calculate Your Injury Damages To Claim For Maximum Compensation

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are considering making a claim, you probably want to know how much you’re eligible to receive compensation for your injury damages. This is where the intense role of an experienced car accident attorney in Phoenix can help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve by calculating the value of your claim.

There is no doubt, accidents are stressful, painful, and costly. Even minor accidents can leave you with expensive medical bills, lost wages and emotional damages that destroy your inner will power for once and all. It will become more painful when the accident is caused due to the negligence of another person. You may get the feeling that your suffering and pain are the negligence action of some other and unfortunately you’re facing it. 

But not anymore, if you’re not at fault for the car accident, why would you unnecessarily bear its painful consequences either physically, mentally, or financially all alone. Looking for an experienced auto accident injury attorney near me can be the best way to overcome such a stressful situation in life while helping you calculate your injury damages. For a basic understanding of how an attorney calculates pain and sufferings resulting from a car accident, read on below to get the idea.

Factors An Attorney Considers For Calculating The Auto Accident Damages

Before starting, first, get clear on the legal definition of “damages”. Damages refer to compensation you re eligible to claim as a result of being severely injured or suffering a loss from the negligent action of another person who caused the accident.

Damages are typically in the form of compensation that can be estimated in money. The person or accused who was at fault for the injury is responsible for compensating the injured person for the losses by estimating the damages.

To seek compensation for damages, you usually need to file an insurance claim. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the process of filing for compensation, you can better worth with auto accident attorney in Phoenix who can take on the legal side of things while allowing you to heal and recover from your injury and pain.

What does A Car Accident Attorney do To Calculate the Damages?

The main goal of a car accident lawyer is achieving financial compensation to cover your expenses like:

Medical Cost- Any medical expense you experience, resulting from the auto accident injuries caused by the accident are the damages you’re eligible to claim. These expenses include:

  • Medical bills for doctor visits, treatment costs, tests, and other related charges
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Ambulance fees, hospital room charge
  • In-home treatment services

A qualified auto accident attorney in Phoenix takes all these expenses into account to evaluate the overall amount of your compensation. 

Lost Wages- Many serious car accident injuries don’t allow you to work while getting the treatment and many times you’re advised to take rest for a particular time period. This can be a stressful situation for you, as you’re missing out on income and worrying about the increasing costs resulting from the accident.

Fortunately, lost wages from missing work are one other factor that an attorney can help you to claim from the accused individual. 

Property and Vehicle Damages- If any damages occurred to your property or vehicle, these can also be recovered. Your hired attorney can prove property/car damage through:

  • Taking the picture of the damaged property or vehicle
  • Witness testimony
  • Save the copy of bills and receipts from the repair shop or professional charges

However, it is to note that the statute of limitations for Phoenix car accident claims is for a limited time period from the date of the accident. And the time can pass quickly in treating your injuries, so its best to retain the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible. A dedicated lawyer will begin working on your case immediately while you’re on resting period on the recommendation of your doctor and work towards the fullest compensation possible for you.

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