Hand Pain & Wrist Pain Stretches for Gamers

While we understand that video gaming will not require you to drive in extreme energy, you have to be at your best in hand and wrist functionality. That’s essential because it allows you to stay alive in the game and give your opponents a thrilling challenge anytime you play.

Some people will think that hand and wrist pains rarely occur in casino gaming. The reality is that the hand is frequently involved in movements when gaming; hence may result in such pains. Those who have had wrist or hand pain when gaming will affirm that the pain is never bearable.

Furthermore, players do not want to get stuck in the middle of the Canadian game, thus exercising frequently. Our gaming expert Lucas Goldberg (check his profile), will enlighten us on some of the activities gamers need to consider to stay fit.

Stretching against a wall

Placing your hand against a wall is an excellent way of exercising. It gives it the strength required during gaming. To exercise effectively on the wall, place your hand against it with straight arms out in front of you, then stretch your wrists upwards.

When doing that, ensure the fingers are pointing straight at you. After you are confident that they are well placed on the wall, slowly turn them inwards as frequently as possible and try to hold them for 10 seconds. 

That way, you will be enhancing their stability. Doing this continuously will make your hand fit for any online casino real money gaming. It’s among the best finger stretches for gamers in Canada and worldwide.

Supine Flexors Stretch

This kind of stretch sounds a bit unique, but it’s one of the best and will keep you active throughout any gaming session. You will start with either of your hands, but you will have to perform the stretch separately on them.

Begin the stretch on your right side by keeping your elbow extended and your palm facing upwards. Once you have done that, use the other free hand to gently pull on the bottom half of your fingers.

This will be strenuous and tiresome, but it’s the best. At some point, you will feel discomfort, but that should not let you give up. When you start to feel pain, try to ease up on your pull. Please do it for about half a minute, then proceed to the other hand and repeat the same process without missing any step.

In the end, you will realize your hands are flexible for any gaming activity. You will be in a better position of winning against the dealer anytime. It’s also among the important hand stretches for console gamers and other gamers in Canada.

Wrist Rotation

Sounds familiar to the majority of the players who like exercising frequently. However, it requires that you understand what you do. When doing it, you have to hold your hands in front of you at a shoulder-width apart, then make fists with both your hands and rotate them as if you are drawing full circles.

Do that without moving your arms. Even though it will be tiring in the long run, do it until you realize that you have exhausted the strength. The best way of doing it is by swapping direction after 10 minutes till you fill in enough. Wrist stretches are ideal for gamers because it keeps them fit for any gaming activity that requires swift movements.

Joint distraction stretches

What do you understand by Joint distraction stretches? Those hearing it for the first time will perceive it as a complicated activity that requires specific talents to execute. But that’s completely the opposite, considering that it’s one of the best hand warm ups for gaming.

It only requires you to relax your hand and face your palm towards your chest. After that, grab the tip of your thumb and lightly pull on it making your thumb pull outward. Hold it for 10 seconds, then proceed to the other finger. Being consistent with this exercise will help you loosen up all your fingers and hands.

Doing the above exercises, together with others, such as shoulder stretches for gamers, will make you an excellent gamer regardless of the type of game you play. They are the ideal activities for Canadians who want to be fit whenever they game. 

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