Grab Your Hiring Manager’s Attention.

During your job hunting process, your top priority is to get your hiring manager’s attention.

Gone are the days when a candidate’s resume is the significant factor to get considered for a job role.

Now, things don’t work like that anymore!

When you toss your resume to a recruiting portal, your probability of hearing back from the employer is like your odds of winning a lottery.

And that’s quite normal, isn’t it? 

Do you think it’s even possible for a recruiter to go through the pile of resumes stacked on his Inbox?

Not at all!


There is a better way!

Building direct contact with the recruiting manager will get your profile closer than applying with the masses.

How do you do that?

Sending a Personalised Email

You can send a personalized letter & updated resume in the mail directly to your hiring manager.

Get the tone right as you draft your email and state clearly why you are approaching them & the reasons why you best fit the role.

In case you are wondering about how to find a hiring manager’s email.

Look no further. With, you can get your dream company’s hiring manager’s email address quickly and effortlessly. tool is a highly recommended one to find anyone’s professional email address within seconds. 

And the best part is they have a freemium plan. With this plan, you get ten credits/month.

For more details, you can check this Email Search Tools subscription plan.

Trust me; this step works fantastically!

Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to get you noticed by the recruiters and decision-makers.

Many recruiters’ search for suitable candidates stops here. 

Here’s what you ought to do to get benefitted from this professional platform.

  • Update your LinkedIn Profile

Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is crucial and should be your first step. You can achieve this by uploading your recent professional profile picture, updating your experience, accomplishments, etc.

And make sure to not leave the “About” section empty.

Many commit this mistake!

The about section in your profile is the place where others get to know about you. And you can’t leave it empty or update with a lame summary.

Be creative in describing yourself & your abilities & write your story in an engaging tone. 

Who doesn’t like to read the content they find connected?

Once you are successful in building that engagement with the hiring manager, you get considered for sure.

  • Build Connection on LinkedIn

       By building connections on LinkedIn, you are forming a professional network. 

Connect with people in your niche, employees working in your dream company, decision-makers. 

As you grow your network, your chances of getting referred or hired for a job are high.

Mainly, it would help if you built a good rapport with the hiring managers. Over time you can let the recruiters know your interest in their company, showcase your expertise. 

So, when there is an opening for a specific role that best matches your expertise, the hiring managers will remember you & they’ll open your doorway to that dream post.

You can even try any other ways you think might fetch you a better result.

I hope this helps you in landing your dream job. 

He has over 15 years of experience in the field and is well-known for his work with various business magazines.He also reads self help books, fiction novels to keep him entertained during long hours at work!

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