Golden Rules For Messy Students

golden rules
golden rules

If you’ve always wanted to know how chaotic students make their way through college, take a look at these golden rules and you would be able to overcome your student issues. 

Stop Planning!

Chaotic students don’t plan their everyday university life – and that’s a good thing. Because plans don’t work with chaos. Firstly, because they can’t come up with any working plans, and secondly because they wouldn’t stick to them anyway.

So, making plans would be a waste of time. And that’s why you can let it go and concentrate fully on your spontaneous student life.

Find A Common Thread!

Not having an elaborate plan is one thing; Plunging into your studies with no direction and hoping for the best is careless and stupid. Even if you don’t like detailed daily and weekly plans, you still need a common thread.

You need a rough idea of ​​what you want to achieve. A clear basic structure that gives you an overview and shows where to go. A great tool that you can use to structure your studies simply and clearly is the study plan. 

Write It All Down!

In the mind of a chaotic person, the expiration date of information isn’t that far in the future. Either chaotic people have a thousand things going through their heads at the same time or the reception center is on the move. In any case, important information is quickly forgotten or not even noticed.

This is how you solve this problem: Write everything down! Gather all important information and thoughts on paper. Write down everything that you must not forget or that could be important at some point. And if you’ve missed something you would always have an opportunity to google online “write my research paper” and find a qualified writer to complete the task instead of you. 

Take A Role Model!

If you don’t want to get lost in your chaos, you’ll need some useful landmarks. While a study plan and writing it down can help you, it’s most effective to find a role model to follow.

Therefore, regularly surround yourself with well-organized fellow students or friends who have their study planning firmly under control. Don’t take advantage of them but look at their strategies and roughly follow their flow. 

Follow the steps!

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Chaotic students are procrastination champions. Tasks are consistently ignored and put off until the last minute. In this way, you effectively use the power of the deadline, but this approach is not really promising – and certainly not relaxing.

Because sooner or later your obligations will catch up with you. And they don’t come alone. They bring stress and pressure to perform. So, get used to thinking in steps. Break up your big tasks into small, manageable steps, and then take it easy one step at a time. This is not complicated or stuffy – it takes the shock out of your big tasks and saves your free time.

Only Care About One Thing!

If there’s one thing messy students love, it’s multitasking. They prefer to do 42 things at the same time and watch their favorite series at the same time.

But multitasking is dangerous. It makes you inefficient, ineffective, and dissatisfied. You do a lot of things at the same time, but the quality is poor, and you have the feeling that you haven’t really accomplished anything in the end. Therefore, only take care of one thing at a time, as this will allow you to concentrate your strength and concentration on exactly one task. You hide distractions and trivialities – the focus is only on your current task. That’s the only way for chaos to progress.

Accept Being Chaotic!

Being a mess is frowned upon at the university. Chaotic students are perceived as funny idiots who aren’t good at anything. And that’s why many students pretend and force themselves into a system of plans and checklists, even though they know it’s not right for them.

If you have messy moves, own up to it! Of course, you don’t have to brag about how well you can tidy up your documents and how little you learned for the last exam. That would be stupid. But if you’re having trouble organizing your studies or frequently overlook important deadlines, then embrace these avoidable vulnerabilities. This is the only way you can find countermeasures that suit you – and only when you are open about your chaotic existence will your friends and fellow students support you.


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